New York State Traffic Ticket

Careless Driving Accidents

Careless Driving Accidents

The police attend accidents to ensure public safety and to determine what happened

After investigating the traffic accident the officer makes a determination of who, what caused the accident, or who is most at fault in the accident.

If the police officer believes that one of the drivers committed a driving infraction, the officer may give that driver a traffic ticket under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

The officer does not have to give a traffic ticket, it is solely up to the officer’s discretion to lay a charge or not.

Many times police officers issue drivers involved in accidents a Careless Driving ticket.  The police officer has the option to give which ever ticket they feel fits the situation as defined in the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario.

The police officer may give a ticket for careless driving because;

  • The officer believes the driver was driving without due care and attention
  • The officer believes the driver was driving with reasonable consideration for other drivers
  • The officer believes that the driver is responsible for the accident and is seeking a higher charge or penalty for the situation
  • The officer doesn’t know what the proper charge is, but careless driving is a “catch all charge”

When a police officer attends your accident, not all police officers have the same knowledge and experience.  Police departments have different levels of police officers with accident investigation training.

Although the police officer may have charged you with careless driving, careless driving may not be the proper charge for the situation, whereupon there is a specific charge in the Highway Traffic Act that better represents what happened.

You’re Not Guilty of Careless Driving

When the police officer gives a ticket for Careless Driving, it’s the officers “opinion” or “belief” that the driver was driving without due care and attention or driving carelessly.

To be found guilty of careless driving it’s the judge that decides, not the police officer. When you have your case investigated by our law firm we may find that Careless Driving was the wrong charge or that the careless driving charge does not apply for your case. You may have a defense that needs to be explained to the court.

It’s your right to take your traffic ticket to court and challenge the opinion of the police officer. OTT Legal has had thousands of careless driving tickets dropped and completely dismissed in court, and we can help you.

Call OTT Legal to Fight Your Careless Driving Ticket

If you fight the ticket yourself you might get the ticket reduced, but you may miss winning the ticket completely or winning the ticket on a legal technicality.

If you fight the ticket yourself and lose or if something goes wrong, a conviction for careless driving will increase your insurance dramatically.

Traffic Ticket - Call to Fight Your careless driving charge

We Fight Careless Driving Tickets to Win

When you call OTT Legal you’ll speak to;

  • Former police officers from the Toronto Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, and paralegals,
  • All licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • People with actual court experience with accidents and careless driving tickets
  • Experts who have helped hundreds of drivers with careless driving tickets

OTT Legal is one of the few companies that;

  1. Shows you who we are, our employees
  2. Tell you our police and paralegal background.
  3. Gives you actual client reviews of careless driving tickets we have won

We ensure that your case receives;

  • Individual Attention
  • Everything possible is done to win your ticket
  • Save your insurance rates from going up
  • Save your demerit points
  • File all court documents and motions
  • Obtain any police reports and investigation
  • Attend and represent you at trial

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