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Fighting Red Light TicketsRed Light Ticket

Red light tickets, the fine attached to a red light ticket is not the only penalty for the ticket.

Red light tickets have four (4) different penalties:

  • Three demerit points
  • A three hundred and twenty five ($325.00) dollar fine
  • A conviction registered on your driving record for three years
  • Possible insurance increases
  • Determination of fault in accident cases

At OTT Legal we fight red light tickets  to win your case.

When you call OTT Legal you’ll speak to former police officers and paralegals, all licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada – people with actual court experience fighting red light traffic tickets.

We ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves to win your ticket, saving your insurance and demerit points. We order the officers notes and fully investigate your case prior to your trial. If there are any legal arguments to be filed, they are usually done at no extra charge to you.

“I recently had may red light ticket thrown out by OTT Legal. Please thank all your agents there that worked to win my ticket. You are great. Once again excellent work, and l’ll keep referring your company. Ted B. Toronto, ON.”

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Disobey Red Light – Ontario Highway Traffic Act section 144.18

The red light section of the Highway Traffic Act states;

“Every driver approaching a traffic control signal showing a circular red indication and facing the indication shall stop his or her vehicle and shall not proceed until a green indication is shown”.

Fighting a Red Light Traffic Ticket

Although fighting a red light ticket may sound simple, just going to court and telling the Judge that you didn’t go through the light won’t get the ticket canceled.

An explanation or “why you went through the red light” will not get your ticket dropped. You need a legal defense to the charge.

Red light traffic ticket trials are won on properly cross-examining the police officer, arguing legal issues and properly giving your defense to the charge.

Call OTT Legal to discuss your traffic ticket.  There is no charge to discuss your case with a former police officer or licensed paralegal.

Going to Traffic Court for a Red light Ticket

There are numerous issues that a qualified licensed paralegal of OTT Legal Services will be able to argue for your traffic ticket, for example;

  • Did the police officer really see you “enter the intersection on a red traffic signal?”
  • Were the traffic signals working properly?
  • Where exactly is a driver actually required to stop?
    • in the intersection,
    • before the intersection,
    • before the crosswalk or
    • before the stop line?
  • If a car is traveling at fifty km/h, and an amber light is four (4) seconds   long, how far, or how many feet does the vehicle travel in one second?
  • As well as many other legal technicalities we can find to win your case.

Alone you are at a Disadvantage

When you appear in traffic court the government has stacked the case against you.

  • The police will have a Provincial Prosecutor or Lawyer to assist them.
  • They know the rules of traffic court.
  • They have run hundreds of trials before, they have experience
  • They know the legal arguments to convict you.
  • They know about time and distance calculations for red lights.
  • They know how a red traffic signal is supposed to work.

OTT Legal has the legal expertise to fight your red light ticket. There are numerous issues that a qualified licenced paralegal of OTT Legal Services will be able to argue for your traffic ticket.

Call OTT Legal at 1-888-668-8946 to discuss fighting your ticket or visit our offices. Free Call to discuss your red light ticket.

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