Fighting Traffic Tickets in Ontario

Prohibited Turn – Disobey Sign Traffic Tickets

Fighting Turn Tickets

The fine attached to a traffic ticket for a disobey sign or prohibited turn ticket is not the only penalty for the ticket. A prohibited turn ticket, including turn tickets issued under a bylaw can have four different penalties:

  • Two demerit points
  • A fine of one hundred and ten dollars dollars ($110.00)
  • A conviction registered on your driving record for three (3) years
  • Possible insurance increases
  • Determination of fault in accident cases

At OTT Legal we fight prohibited turn tickets to win your case.

When you call OTT Legal you’ll speak to police former police officers from the Toronto Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, and paralegals, all licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada – people with actual court experience with disobey signs and turn traffic tickets.

At OTT Legal we ensure that your case receives the individual attention it deserves to win your ticket, saving your insurance rates and demerit points. We order the officers notes and fully investigate your case prior to your trial. If there are any legal arguments to be filed, they are usually done at no extra charge to you.

Our goal is to win your traffic ticket and save yourdemerit points.

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 Going to Court for a Traffic Ticket

The case to prove a disobey sign charge sounds simple, was there a traffic sign and did the motorist disobey it?

Actually a trial for a disobey sign charge can become quite involved, and to be properly represented and to win your case qualified legal help from OTT Legal Services is the best way to fight your ticket.

At court we ask questions that either you or the police may not know, for example,

  • was the sign clearly visible and properly erected?
  • What distance was the sign visible for?
  • What do the Ontario Regulations say about traffic signs?

These and other questions help OTT Legal Services to win your traffic ticket.

If there was a accident involved for your traffic ticket, the prosecutor to want to have a trial. If you do not know how to run a trial, make legal arguments, or have appeared in traffic court before you might be at a disadvantage.

The professional qualified assistance of OTT Legal Services can provide you with the best possible defense for your traffic ticket.

The prosecutor is a trained professional who represents the interests of the municipality; their job is to get a conviction against the driver. Most Prosecutors are extremely fair individuals however they are not there to help you, that’s our job.

Prohibited Turn Traffic Tickets – What the Law Says

Prohibited Turns are traffic tickets such as,

  • Proceed contrary to sign at intersection – Highway Traffic Act 144.9
  • Disobey sign – Highway Traffic Act 182.2
  • Disobey sign – Municipal By-law

All turn tickets regardless if they are a bylaw offence or not have two (2) demerit points.

Highway Traffic Act 144.9, Proceed Contrary to Sign at Intersection

“The provisions of this section of the Highway Traffic Act are subject to any sign, as prescribed the the regulations, forbidding a left, right turn, through movement of combination thereof that is posted at an intersection and every driver shall obey every such sign.”

Highway Traffic Act 182., Prohibited Turn

“Every driver or operator of a vehicle shall obey the instructions or directions indicated on any sign.”

Municipal By-Law Disobey Sign,

“Every driver or operator of a vehicle shall obey the instructions or directions indicated on any sign so designated by any city bylaw”

Any bylaw turn ticket has two (2) demerit points attached to it.

Every disobey turn traffic ticket has 2 demerit points attached to it, including bylaw turn tickets, regardless of what the police officer may have told you!

If you pay one of these types of traffic ticket the conviction goes on your driving abstract and is available to your insurance company for 3 years.

As your insurance company bases the rate you pay for insurance partly from your driving abstract, it is important to keep your driving record clean and free of traffic tickets.

OTT Legal knows how to fighting traffic tickets and prohibited turn tickets in Ontario. Call us toll free at 1-888-668-8946 or visit one of our six Ontario offices.

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