Peterborough Traffic Tickets

Peterborough Traffic Tickets

Serving Kawartha Lakes and the Peterborough and Lindsay Traffic Courts.

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OTT Legal Peterborough is a paralegal services firm providing legal services in traffic tickets and summary criminal representation for:
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Reviews of OTT Legal Services Peterborough

★★★★★ I want everyone to know what OTT  did for us and how much we appreciated the time and effort he took to help us with our traffic tickets.

When police laid charges following a traffic accident that cost us $7,000 in damages to our van, OTT Legal made all the difference to us. They contacted the Crown Attorney to explain why we were not at fault. As a result of OTT getting involved the Crown withdrew the traffic ticket of Left Turn Not in Safety, but our troubles weren’t over. Our insurance company still deemed us to be 50 percent at fault in the accident and said our premiums were going up and our rating was going down.

We asked OTT to approach our insurance company and they jumped at the chance. They supplied the court records of the traffic ticket withdrawal and wrote a letter on our behalf to explain the situation. The insurance company finally relented and concluded our fault was zero percent. OTT stayed the course long after their responsibilities ended and didn’t charge extra for his services. Above and beyond the call of duty! B & S Scott. Ottawa ON

★★★★★  Thank you for the work you and your team did for my speeding ticket Needless to say, I am very pleased with the outcome, case WON!.

★★★★★  Great News! – Thank you all for once again for your support. The reassurance of knowing you have, I think, some of the best experienced representatives in the legal arena have made my legal experiences certainly less aggravating. I have and will continue to promote your service to people in need of it. Careless driving ticket dismissed! Thank you once again! -Jeff Romo.

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Traffic Ticket Reviews

Anjana Puvanenthirarajah

1 day ago

★★★★★ Their service was outstanding. They are very understanding and trustworthy to get the job done. From my opinion, if you are looking for a dependable lawyer for your case, you should go to OTT Legal Services.

M Selwanes

3 days ago

★★★★★ OTT Legal and staff are very friendly and competent people. I had a speeding ticket with 4 demerit points. Thanks to the service of OTT staff now I have zero demerit point. A small fine but zero demerit points. Great service. Great people. Don’t look anywhere else if you need to fight your speeding ticket

Jo-Anne Lawryshyn

6 days ago

★★★★★ In my experience, these guys are the best in the business. They have a few offices it does seem to me that they can represent you anywhere. I’ve had a few traffic ticket problems, and had OTT has taken care of the ones I needed representation for. They gone to the Lindsay court to represent me on one occasion, but it would have to say that his crowning achievement came today when he had my charge of careless driving withdrawn! I was not guilty anyway, but not having to go to trial was the icing on the cake. Thank you very much for everything. Your staff is always pleasant and courteous.

brad marsh

a week ago

★★★★★ I am very pleased with their services. OTT was easy to talk to, work with, and were efficient and quick to respond to me. The price was very fair. The most important part is that they had my 30 over the speeding ticket withdrawn and no fines or points or record of the ticket on my driving record. Highly recommend OTT Legal.

John T

a month ago

★★★★★ Had a minor speeding ticket in Whitby that I strongly disagreed with. I had someone from a firm in the Toronto area counsel me through the steps of filing for court, requesting for, and then reviewing my disclosure. The representative from this Toronto firm was not really interested in representing me in Whitby Court. I received my disclosure with only a little more than two weeks before my trial date. Upon reviewing my disclosure and reviewing with the rep from the Toronto area I wasn’t too optimistic, but still not willing to throw in the towel. I then stumbled upon OTT online. With only about a week and a half or so before my trial they agreed to take it on and represent me at the courthouse. They were successful in getting my case withdrawn, and I can not be more thankful and happy with the service I received from at OTT.

Alex Cruickshank

3 months ago

★★★★★ Excellent service from these folks, was facing a driving under suspension penalty of 6 months suspension and up to $2000 and a red light fail to stop penalty of 3 points and 300+ dollar fine, OTT represented me and I ended up leaving the court room with just a fine for driving without license (no suspension and no points), the red light was thrown out. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results, I would definitely recommend this place for your traffic ticket needs.

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