Commissioner of Oaths

Commissioners of Oaths

Public Commissioner of Oaths Services

Documents Commissioned – Walk in Service – No Appointment Required

****Due to the pandemic, some locations are by appointment only. Please call ahead to confirm availability.****

A Commissioner of Oaths is an official authorized by law to take oaths or affirmations in regards to legal documents or statements.

A Commissioner does not certify that the document presented to them is true, but that the contents of the document have been sworn by the applicant under an Oath.

All Documents Commissioned, including;

Please note our office cannot answer questions concerning which documents need to be authenticated and/or commissioned. You must find out this information before coming to our office.

Bring one government issued photo identification or two government issued non-photo identification.

Identification must display your signature. Do not sign or date documents prior to arriving at our office. It is the commissioner’s job to properly identify you and witness you signing any documents.

Please complete all your documents prior to arriving at our office, EXCEPT for signatures and dates.

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★★★★★ It was easy, I parked right out front, the commissioner was there, they reviewed the document with me and put on the Commissioner of Oaths stamp. The whole process took less than ten minutes. Great service, easy to use. David Newman

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