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Former Police Officers & Licensed Paralegals for Traffic Tickets and Criminal Law

Burlington Traffic Tickets

Burlington Traffic Tickets – OTT Legal

Serving Burlington, Milton, Oakville and Surrounding Areas

OTT Legal Services
1053 Brant Street,
Burlington Ontario
L7R 2K1

Telephone: 905-632-0004
Toll Free:   1-888-969-8946 Ext:84
Cell Phone and After hours: 416-399-6232

Email: Brian@OTTLegal.com

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm

*If its easier for you, you can email or send a picture from your phone and we can email you back any paperwork to fight your ticket.

We provide expert court representation for speeding tickets, all traffic tickets and summary criminal charges in Halton Region including the Burlington Provincial Offences Court, the Milton Provincial Offences Court and the Halton Region Criminal Courts.

Consultations are free to discuss your case with one of our Licensed Paralegals or former police officers, licensed paralegals and criminal lawyer.

OTT Legal Burlington is a paralegal law firm providing legal services in traffic tickets and summary criminal representation for;

    • Burlington
    • Oakville
    • Milton
    • Georgetown
    • Acton
    • Campbellville
    • Halton Hills

We service not only Halton Region but throughout Ontario.

★★★★★ OTT Legal were absolutely amazing! This was my first time receiving a traffic ticket and they were with me every step of the way. I highly recommend OTT as they strive to go above and behind to fight your traffic ticket. Very appreciative, Thank you!
Oskana O, Burlington
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Burlington Traffic Ticket Paralegal - Brian Eminovski

Brian Eminovski

Licensed Paralegal


Chris Conway

Retired Police Officer


Marcello Morra

Licensed Paralegal

R Williams Burlington Traffic Ticket Secretary for OTT Legal

Ruth Williams

Office Manager

Reviews of OTT Legal Burlington

★★★★★ I had a great experience with Brian and OTT.  Brian got my traffic ticket with four demerit points dropped.  The ticket was originally 32 km/h over with 4 demerit points.  Brian got it down to 15 km/h over, with no points and a 50 dollar fine. Thank you so much to him and all the staff, I will use again if necessary, and I highly recommend to anybody needing legal counsel to call OTT. Randy St James, Georgetown

★★★★★ Brian and his team successfully took on my daughters careless driving ticket, and got the case (Fender bender accident, with a penalty, demerit points etc) dismissed by the court. We highly recommend Brian’s services for your traffic violations. Michael S. Burlington

★★★★★ I’ve dealt with Brian and OTT Legal several times, Brian was extremely professional and helpful every time. He was able to deliver the results I was looking for each time. I loved the fact that Brian kept me updated every step of the way and was very easy to deal with. The prices are also good. Highly recommend this business. Farhan Ali, Milton

★★★★★ I would like to express that my experience with Brian Eminovski and OTT was extremely successful. Brian Eminovski and his team are motivated, honest, and a hard-working team.  I have dealt with them for the past 10 years and I would definitely recommend them. Brian has fought many speeding tickets for me and I have been very satisfied with the results he was able to achieve. Antonella Pignolo, Hamilton Ontario

★★★★★ I don’t even know how to begin to express my gratitude to the people at OTT. Everyone that was involved with my case thank you so very much! I’ve had a clean driving record for years and years, when suddenly I found myself with not one but two stop sign tickets within five months. I was sick with worry over it, but OTT came through! I was completely blown away..

When I received the news that my first case was withdrawn. I was so relieved, Thanks OTT Legal! Great Job Elizabeth Toronto.

★★★★★ OTT Legal helped me when I was in dire need of help due to my own stupidity, Brian took care of everything and my traffic ticket was dismissed. Luckily I have not gotten a ticket since but if i ever do i will definitely use OTT Legal. Steven Pinto, Oakville

★★★★★ In two of my two speeding tickets Brian at OTT Legal was able to completely waive the penalty and conviction due to problems that he managed to identify in the officer notes. Honestly in those two cases my ultimate goal was to reduce the penalty but Brian managed to win them and save my insurance. If you get a traffic ticket call Brian at OTT Legal.

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Phillip Green
19:06 03 Apr 18
I met Brian through a good friend who recommended him wholeheartedly and in a time of need when I was feeling very helpless especially with the charge I was about to face in court. Brian was extremely supportive, honest and very dedicated to my case. I noticed that time and time again, especially when my schedule was so scattered. Brian was well organized as everything was done electronically. He made my experience worry free which is something I really liked! I was extremely pleased with Brian and his hard work. Would I recommend Brian as a legal representative? Definitely! Thank you Brian for everything!
kartoys kar
03:22 29 Mar 18
I am beyond lucky and thankful to have Brian help me on more than one occasions .He assured me he would do his best to get me the best result possible, and he did just that! I can’t thank Brian and his team enough helping me when I needed them and for always being prompt and efficient both by phone and email .I appreciate the extra mile he is willing to go to ensure you fully understand any questions or concerns that I had He was professional, informative and always honest with all possibilities, which was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Brian. I truly appreciate you & all your hard work! I HIGHLY recommend .........
Jon Davis
14:59 10 Apr 18
I ended up with an egregious speeding ticket and complimentary charges that would have really damaged my personal mobility, business, and life in general. Brian and his team took the time to properly prepare me and inform me through the court process. We were able to get an amazing outcome which I attribute to Brian and his team.Highly recommend!!!
Beka Devo
17:49 30 Jan 18
Brian is amazing!! I highly recommend this place. They were extremely professional, welcoming (front desk) and also got fantastic results! When I first started my search to find someone to help me with my tickets I was extremely nervous and also embarrassed, they put me at ease within the first 5 minutes. There was zero judgment and he let me know that I had no reason to feel embarrassed. Brian was very honest with me and always kept me up to date with the progress. I really felt like I was his priority and that he was doing absolutely everything her could to make my end result be a big win. (which it was! ) Thank you everyone at TCS!
Susan Boye
22:53 31 Jan 18
Our son (G2 driver) was charged with 2 very serious offences. Brian was able to get one charge reduced considerably and the other charge withdrawn completely. This not only saved his license from suspension, the cancellation of his insurance, but also a serious monetary fine. The fine, the demerit points, and the increase in our insurance premiums would have been well over the fee charged for Brian representing us. We chose Traffic Court Specialists because of the Google reviews posted and we do not hesitate in recommending them.
Ivan Tang
21:40 18 Apr 18
I got four traffic tickets within 1 month and I was really worried what this can do to my points (potentially 7 points), insurance premiums and a hefty fine totalling $1600. I never got a ticket and I got 4 in one month. Feeling helpless and anxiety, I searched up Traffic lawyers in which I found a few. At the end, I rolled the dice with Brian as he was the quickest to reply to me plus gave me the most in-depth explanation which I felt was more honest than others. Brian gave me the impression where he cared about the customers concern over the retainer fees. Basically, Brian did a great job regardless of the results by educating me on each offence and the strategy behind each one. At the end, Brian got the judge to withdraw two of the four charge (one being a significant violation). From 7 points to 2 points and a minor fine of $250. Thanks Brian for your patience and your time with answering all my questions multiple times in great details which gave me a sense of confidence. I would highly recommend working with Brian. thanks again!
Trish Santos
03:45 05 May 18
I received such amazing service from Brian and Ruth, I couldn't be any happier! From the first call I had with Brian to finalizing the paperwork with Ruth... they made sure that all my questions and concerns were addressed and made the entire process easy and stress free. Brian got my charge withdrawn which completely exceeded my expectations- I was truly in shock when I heard the great news! I definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of legal services and will only go to them if I am ever need of their assistance again in the future. Thank you again so so so much!
Adam Barker
19:18 29 May 18
I found Brian and his team through a Google Search while researching for an upcoming court date. I was facing some fairly serious charges and was unsure of what kinds of consequences there might be. What initially struck me was how detailed the explanations were. I contacted Brian and his team and retained them for my legal matter for a fee that in hindsight was more than fair. If you've ever been charged with any sort of offence, you know the worst part is not knowing what might happen or how it may affect your future. Brian provided a detailed explanation of each charge, what penalties were involved and what they might be able to do in turn. He laid out a clear strategy and was available to answer any follow up questions and provide clarity in the lead up to the date. They even offered to appear in-court in my place. It was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. The results were far better than I could have ever expected: OTT had most of the charges against me dropped including one that carried a dire financial penalty. The penalties from the remaining charges were reduced to a fraction of their original. I was so impressed with Brian and Ruth's expertise, agility, professionalism and ultimately the results they were able to achieve for me. Their hard work has enabled me to continue to use my primary mode of transportation and saved me tens of thousands of dollars. A five star recommendation isn't high enough.
David Desantis
23:52 01 Jun 18
In short, OTT Legal - Burlington, and the team that comprises it, are miracle workers. After receiving a hefty traffic ticket, I was encouraged to contact Brian E. and Ruth W. of OTT Legal where I was met with stellar customer service and communication. From the moment I brought my case to them, to the very end of the trial (which they attended for me), Brian and his team were professional, informative, and handled every question/inquiry with clarity and poise. Best of all, the results were beyond stellar! I was able to get my fine reduced without any cause for alarm. Although I hope to not receive another ticket of this magnitude, I assure you if you do, OTT Legal - Burlington is the number one choice in the area for any of your paralegal needs! - Sincerely Happy Customer
amy lynn
06:36 14 Jul 18
There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for Brian and his team! After I was unjustly charged with Careless Driving I went to Brian for help, at the initial consultation he informed me of the risks associated with a conviction of such an offence and what the prosecution was likely to offer if I wanted to resolve early. I was adamant on running a trial and took the risk of 6 demerit points on my record which would have resulted in my insurance dropping me. It was definitely a gamble but I put all of my faith in Brian and walked away with 0 demerit points and am still insured! He was able to have my charge reduced substantially and my driving record is now safe! My matter was dragged out for eight months due to the investigating officer adjourning the matter but despite the lengthy process Brian still kept me informed every step of the way. He and his assistant Ruth were always prompt in responding to any and all inquiries I had and never made me feel like I was a bother. The way he runs his firm is efficient and environmentally friendly which is a bonus! I am so thankful to have had Brian as my paralegal as he has amazing knowledge and skill in his field. He is straight to the point and honest. He understood how important my license was to me and put forth all efforts in ensuring my livelihood was in good hands. I trust Brian to handle all of my matters and will definitely be recommending my friends and family to him. OTT legal is top notch in customer service and providing outstanding results. Thank you Brian and Ruth!
Matthew Lao
21:56 16 Jul 18
OTT Legal Services Burlington is an amazing legal service. Brian and Stephen are the best around. They helped make the whole process easy and reduced the stress involved. If I have any future traffic issues (knock on wood), they will be the first place I go.
21:51 17 Jul 18
The service I got from Brian was so amazing that I recommend everyone who needs a paralegal go directly to him. Do not consider anyone else! My situation was unusual as I live out of town, found OTT on the internet and contacted them to see if they offered the service of delivering to the Burlington court a 'Notice of Intention to go to Trial' form so I could fight a ticket. Their office said to contact Brian to see if he knows anyone who does this. He completely astonished me by asking me about my situation and then offered to drop the paperwork off for me. And without charging me a penny. I tried to convince him to let me pay him ... but he said in my situation he would happily do it as a favour. He even scanned back the proof so I was covered if the court misplaces it. And it was done by the end of the same day !!I cannot think of anyone who would do this for a total stranger! It was really a miracle for me as I was in a bind. Obviously Brian and his team at OTT Legal Services in Burlington believe in customer service, making the extra effort and exceptional follow up. I fully endorse them! Use them with great confidence that your issue will be resolved and they will exceed your expectations!
scott fung
21:28 19 Jul 18
I got a very technical ticket which is notoriously difficult to contest. After researching the charge myself, I had contacted several paralegal services and explained my situation to them. Almost all of them have me the same generic response outlining the court process and then telling me not to worry because they would take care of it. Brian and his team gave me a completely different response that lined up with my expectations based on my prior research - the ticket could potentially be an uphill battle depending on the officer's disclosure, no sugar coating and no promises, just complete honesty. As promised, they kept me fully informed throughoutt he process, were prompt with replies, went over the disclosure with me and outlined a strategy tailored to my expectations. This all resulted in a withdrawn charge and no change to my driving record. Thanks again OTT!
Romit Datta
20:27 17 Aug 18
Five stars for Brian and the OTT Burlington team. I leaned on Brian fairly late in the process of fighting my ticket (less than a month before trial date), further more I was not available for my court date. However, Brian (though he advised against not attending), was able to utilize the tools he had to create a favorable outcome for me (dismissal of charges). Best of all OTT Burlington made it extremely convenient by managing my case via e-mail & phone. Extremely tentative team and they work tirelessly to ensure their clients are taken care of & represented in the most favorable light given their circumstance. Hopefully I won't have to utilize their services again, but if I had to, I'd definitely return.
Erdin Iusuf
01:45 26 Aug 18
Great team ! They delivered much more than I expected. I had an accident during work while driving a commercial truck. I hit a car from behind. I was charged with careless driving, $590 fine and points on my abstract and CVOR. I suddenly became unemployable because of the points. So based on the reviews, I hired Brian to represent me in court. He accommodated my late evening appointment, explained everything in detail, he made me feel I was in good hands. Before the trial though, due to some unexpected issues, he wasn't able to go to court, so his colleague Steven replaced him. Despite Brian's reassurance, I was worried because I hadn't met Steven before. But he came prepared, he knew everything about my case, entered the courtroom and, after a while he comes out and guess what !!!! The charges were withdrawn completely !!!! No conviction, no fine and no points !!!! Like the accident never happened ! So, if in doubt, please don't hesitate to hire this wonderful team. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Brian and Steven for your efforts !
Zarak K
10:39 25 Sep 18
I have had 2 speeding tickets that have required the services of Brian and his team. Both tickets resulted in a dismissal thanks to their diligent work. They are professionals who made the process convenient and straightforward. No one can guarantee that your ticket will result in a dismissal but Brian and his team will give you a great shot at it.
Susan Clark
22:18 02 Nov 18
I contacted OTT Legal for advice regarding a traffic ticket and 3 demerit points.Brian and his team were very efficient, professional and extremely helpful. Any time I walked in to the office, Brian immediately made time for me. He was very patient in explaining the process and informing me of my options. I was always kept informed of all procedures and what I needed to do. I was not required to appear in court as Brian was representing me, and he called me immediately with the outcome. Best of all the charge against me was withdrawn! Brian made it all very easy and straightforward and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I would definitely use OTT Legal again and highly recommend Brian and his staff to anyone requiring any legal services he provides.
Kathy S
15:22 16 Oct 18
I am so appreciative for the success of Brian and his team in having my charge dismissed!! This would not have been possible without the help of OTT Legal. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism inside and outside of the court room. There was little time to build a defense but their knowledge and expertise got the job done! Having OTT Legal represent me also relieved the stress and gave me hope for a positive outcome. I highly recommend OTT Legal for your legal matters as they were money well spent!!
Kayla Logie
16:35 12 Oct 18
I had a hand held device charge ticket OTT was there for me. Every step of the way. They made me feel comfortable in my decision to use them they let me pay it off as I could and when the court date came I was a pile of nerves but my lawyer Steve was amazing he walked me through everything that was going to happen. He listened to things the judge said from people before me and used it to my benefit. I couldn't be happier with the out come as the ticket got thrown out. I recommend them to everyone. They saved my insurance and points on my licence. Thank you so much to the OTT team. You are absolutely amazing. If I ever run into a situation again where I need a lawyer for a ticket I know where I'm going. I could not have done this on my own.
John Ludgate
16:43 04 Oct 18
Thank you to Brian and his team at OTT Legal. I asked them for their help with a speeding ticket. They attended an out of town resolution meeting for me where they were able to achieve a very favourable outcome. All my dealings with them were characterized by prompt, thorough and professional service. I would highly recommend the services offered by OTT Legal.
15:39 15 Oct 18
Brian at OTT Burlington was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and professional at the same time. I felt very comfortable and confident with his handling of my case. I will be sure to use him again if needed and would recommend him. Thank you for all your help!!
Gohar N
01:31 27 Nov 18
I was in a pretty bad predicament and I contacted OTT Legal Burlington after checking out the reviews. After the first meeting with Brian, I felt much more calm. Brian and his team were very professional and efficient in dealing with my case, they explained every detail along the way and in the end they achieved the best outcome possible. I’m very pleased with the outcome reached and would highly recommend Brian and his team at OTT Legal Burlington! Thanks Brian!
Neslihan Atay Pakkal
03:28 06 Dec 18
I cannot thank enough Brian and his team for their professionalism and helpful approach. My traffic ticket has been withdrawn and I will not be having any insurance problems. They were very informative and reassuring in every step . Thank you very much to Stephen for representing me in a very professional way and being very kind.I will be recommending Burlington OTT Legal to anyone looking for this kind of service.
W01273 OPT
22:46 11 Dec 18
Brian and his team were tremendous. Thank you for all your help. I had a 110 dollar ticket and 3 points. Brian got all charges dropped. Very well worth it, Thanks, I could not have done it myself, nor would I want to. Brian and his team are easy to deal with and he explains everything. Cant say enough
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