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Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
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Yonge Street south of Steeles at Goulding Ave.

Commissioner of Oaths

As licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, (LSO) OTT Legal Scarborough provides Commissioner of Oaths services to the public with walk in service, no appointment necessary.

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Jaycen Olavario

Licensed Paralegal


Jajel Olavario

Licensed Paralegal

Traffic Ticket Reviews

Dear OTT Legal, I’m very glad that I decided to pick up the phone and call you for assistance with my careless driving ticket. OTT Legal was very professional and really knew what to do in court. I was present on the day of and saw it myself. I was so relieved and happy that he had the charge withdrawn. I’ve never been in court before so I obviously wouldn’t have known all the options available.

I want to add that even though you won the case for me, I will not take it for granted and have learned a great lesson from this experience. It really was a good decision to obtain your services and worth every penny. You gave me the best news and relieved so much worry and stress.

I also want to thank Jajel Olavario who was so speedy in her responses and instructions that she was able to reassure me right away I would be taken care of. Thank you for handling my inquiry and getting everything sorted out. Thank you for your honest and professional services.Regards, A.D., North York


Dear OTT Legal – I just wanted to say thanks for handling my traffic ticket for me.  But particularly for obtaining a most favourable outcome.  I was very pleased that it was such a simple process for me and with a perhaps even better than anticipated outcome.  Again many thanks. Nancy K. C. Toronto


Dear OTT Legal OTT represented me for Failure to Yield Stop Sign and did a great job. Jajel and the OTT Team were personable, professional and effective. Thanks to OTT, the fine was reduced by 75% (which more than covered OTT’s modest fee). More importantly, I didn’t lose any Points. Thank you once again M.E.M North York


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Toronto Traffic Tickets

OTT Legal North York is a paralegal services office in North York, Ontario providing legal services in traffic ticket and summary criminal representation.

We service not only North York in the City of Toronto but throughout Ontario.

As licensed by the Law Society of Ontario,  OTT Legal provides Commissioner of Oaths services to the public with walk in service, no appointment necessary.

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Contact Us - North York

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Eileen Fast
22:55 08 Oct 19
Jaycen was excellent and provided excellent guidance and service. He's also very efficient and effective.
Arun Saraswat
13:22 30 Sep 19
Thank you Jaycen for your effort and professional handling of the case, making it a good experience with a pleasant outcome. I highly recommend OTT legal, thanks once again.
Yan Krupnik
20:51 02 Aug 19
Professional communication. Great team to work with!
JT Bestview
16:23 01 Aug 19
Jaycen is perfect. We are very pleased with his professional services and the positive results. Thanks Jaycen for a job well done! Highly recommended!
Emily Cee
18:14 18 Jul 19
Jaycen is amazing and very knowledgeable on the actions to take for our situation (or any situation for that matter - I have so much confidence in his abilities). The outcome was by far the best that we could've expected. If there were more stars available, he would get them =) Please find Jaycen to help you too !!!!
Ishakeem Thomas
19:36 20 Jun 19
Few months ago I got a careless driving ticket due to a accident it got withdrawn, then couple months later I got 5 tickets for absolutely no reason I told jaycen I'd only plea to one which was tinted windows only because it was the only true ticket I got and the only one that wouldnt effect my driving record and he got me exactly what I asked for,hes the best in the city hands down I appreciate the legal services he provided for me and very pleased with the outcome (highly recommended)
Zeeshan Raza
17:35 19 Jun 19
Sir Jayson u done a good job I really appreciate u solve my problem wrong way one way traffic ticket no fine no demerit point thx a lot sir Jayson God bless legal services zinda baad.. I highly recommend
Raymond Sarkissian
03:53 12 May 19
Thank you Jason for your professional handling of the case, making it a good experience with a pleasant outcome. I highly recommend OTT. Thanks
Eduard Hart
03:14 08 Apr 19
A few months ago I got a traffic ticket (disobey stop sign). I didn't want to collect the demerit points so I fought the ticket. I started to check reviews of Legal Services because it was my first traffic ticket. I could have chosen a well advertised legal firm which has an office close to my home but I decided to go with OTT , based on numerous good reviews. I don't regret my decision. Jaycen represented me in court and the ticket was annulled. My driving record is clean and I didn't have to pay the fine.I am so happy with this outcome. Highly recommended.
kenny yang
22:28 27 Mar 19
Thanks Jaycen. Result as promised. Appreciate you. Recommended 😉
Thomas Heitz
19:14 20 Mar 19
Jajel & Jaycen from OTT Legal were amazing to work with. They were attentive and on the ball and kept me in the loop with concise information. I would highly recommend hiring OTT Legal to represent in any traffic offence. They know their stuff and in the end had my conviction withdrawn.
Mahmudul Haque Sazib
16:58 11 Mar 19
Thanks a lot Jaycen Olavario from OTT Legal for your great service. Words really can't describe how appreciative I'm. It was really a good experience working with him who kept me informed in each step.I would highly recommend him.
Tany Crizz
00:15 27 Feb 19
Thank you jaycen for outstanding job..really helped me a lot..i recommend OTT paralegal for everyone out there having problem with there traffic ticket..big big thanks again OTT....
Melody hajipour fard
17:36 14 Feb 19
Very professional and reliable service! I am very satisfied.
Sasuke Uchiha
23:19 14 Dec 18
Jaycen over delivered as all four of my charges got dropped! I am thrilled and would recommend Jaycen to any person if they ever across any Traffic related legal issues.
Eric Wang
16:31 06 Dec 18
Outstanding team of experienced traffic defence paralegals that are committed to excellence, professionalism, and dignity. Special thanks to Jaycen for addressing a minor case and had it resolved to the best outcome possible. Happy holidays!
Ian Cho
15:28 04 Dec 18
Jaycen did a superb job!!!My tickets (3 tickets for one incident) were all withdrawn due to his excellent work.He was very timely with updates and responsive to all the questions I asked him.I would recommend him to my friends if they ever needed to use paralegal services.
Mel Blacke
19:16 28 Nov 18
I contacted Jaycen at the North York office in regard to a complex case. The person driving in front of me braked suddenly in order to turn into a road on the left which clearly had a no entry sign. I ended up rear ending them and their rear bumper was smashed. OTT legal was able to get the ticket cancelled with no points docked from my license.
Akashdeep luther
14:49 23 Nov 18
Jajel Olavario and her Team are so Professional. They know how talk and handle the Situation. Did a great job of handling my speeding fine by getting it dropped with no demerit points(Points were Severe). I sat back and relaxed at home while Jajel and her team took care of the rest. They made my Year2018👍🏻
Hiep Tang
16:53 01 Nov 18
Professional service. Jajel and his team did an awesome job to fight my tickets. Thank you very much.
19:56 24 Oct 18
I went with them to fight a careless driving ticket. The circumstances were heavily against me with getting a favourable decision in this case but I had high hopes. Although they didn't get the charges cleared I am ecstatic with their results as they had it dropped to a lesser minor charge and fine. This was not an easy case to win but they did me well! Jaycen if you read this, thank you!!
David Walt
13:32 03 Oct 18
Jaycen and his team are amazing to deal with! Their service is prompt, efficient - and most importantly, effective. Jaycen managed a very successful outcome. I highly recommend using them.
Sergio Medeiros
18:24 12 Sep 18
I was charged with careless driving, I was highly recommended to use OTT. I called and got informed what my options were and I proceeded with OTT to represent me in court. I was just informed that my charge was dropped and my record is clean. Thank you so much to the OTT team for all your hard work and dedication, you gained a customer for life. You will be highly recommended to family and friends. 9nce again thank you.
faruk kanca
19:30 17 Aug 18
Excellent service. Timely returns for calls/emails.
Simon Lee
20:39 15 Aug 18
Seeked OTT Legal Services for a Careless Driving ticket. They represented me at the court and spoke with the prosecutor to have the case dropped after reviewing all the information. OTT was kind in answering my questions and quick to deliver. Thank you.
Agnes Fox
22:45 13 Jul 18
Mr. Jaycen Olavario, a paralegal, is a consummate professional with excellent interpersonal business relationship skills. At his office, we discussed all aspects of my Motor Vehicular Accident (M.V.A.) and its resulting serious traffic ticket. Jaycen mentioned that most likely my demerit points would be reduced from six (6) demerit points to two (2) demerit pints. Even though my M.V.A. occurred a couple of kilometers north of Steeles Avenue East, the location of the courthouse is in Aurora, Ontario. He attended twice on my behalf. With his expertise, the charges were reduced to a lesser offence as informed and only two (2) demerit points were incurred. Jaycen promptly reported the outcome, returned numerous messages and answered all inquires. Due to the lesser violation he obtained, the amount of the fine and insurance increase were much lower than anticipated. He put my mind at ease through an extremely difficult process. It is my opinion that Jaycen’s services are highly recommendable and the fees are reasonable. I am exceptionally satisfied with the results obtained on my behalf.
Son Joeng-Woo
16:02 29 Apr 18
I am very very very happy to write this review about OTT service North York, especially MS. Jajel Olavario. She was and is very professional and excellent paralegal. She made all my charges withdrawn. Hence, there is no pine and penalty. I am very satisfy with the outcomes and I will definitely introduce to my friends who have similar situation with me.God bless you.
blerina rexha
21:22 05 Apr 18