Experienced and Qualified Traffic Ticket Defence!

Our agents are former Police officers, Detectives, Officers with the Ministry of Transportation and Paralegals,
all licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Traffic Ticket Paralegal Daniel Jenner

Daniel Jenner

Licensed Paralegal


Eddie Cho

Ret. Police Officer


Rory Hardman

Licensed Paralegal


Kaelah Mizzi

Licensed Paralegal


Jaycen Olavario

Licensed Paralegal


Jajel Olavario

Licensed Paralegal

Traffic Ticket Paralegal Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Licensed Paralegal


Mark Lucas

Licensed Paralegal


Nick Gagliardi

Licensed Paralegal

Paralegal for Traffic Tickets Shelby

Shelby Brezden

Licensed Paralegal

Fighting Traffic Tickets - Stephen Parker

Stephen Parker

Licensed Paralegal

All of our paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.  Before you trust your court case with anyone make sure their qualifications compare to ours!  With years of police and court experience we know how to fight your traffic ticket Experience does Count!

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