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List of Traffic Tickets

Expert Legal Defence for Traffic Tickets

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Section NoOffenceDemerit PointsAffects InsuranceSuspensions
130Careless Driving Tickets6Yes- Yes
- Mandatory for Novice Drivers
- Possible 6 month upon Conviction all others
53Suspended Driving0Dramatically- Mandatory 6 months suspension upon conviction for all drivers
134Disobey Police Officer3Yes- No
216Fail to Stop for Police6Dramatically- Yes
- Mandatory for Novice Drivers
- Possible 6 month upon Conviction all others
134.3Drive on Closed Highway3Yes- No
153Drive Wrong Way3Yes- No
200Fail to Remain6Dramatically- Yes - Novice Drivers
- Possible upon Conviction all others
78.1Hand Held Device (Cell Phones)3Dramatically- Yes
- Mandatory 3 day Suspension all drivers
199Fail to Report Accident3Dramatically- No
142.2Fail to Signal2Yes- No
175Fail to Stop for School Bus6Dramatically- Yes
- Mandatory for Novice Drivers
139.1 or 136.1,bFail to Yield3Yes- No
168Fail to Use Low Beam3Yes- No
175.1Fail to Stop for Emergency Vehicles

3Dramatically- No
158.1Following too Closely4Yes- Yes
- Mandatory for Novice Drivers
G1 Contraventions 3Yes- Mandatory Licence Suspension
G2 Contraventions3Yes- Mandatory Licence Suspension
154Improper Passing2Yes- No
182Improper Turns

2Yes- No
2.1.aNo Insurance0Yes- Possible
3.1Fail to Surrender Insurance Card0Yes- No
52,3Improper Use of High Occupancy Lane2Yes- No
152Pass off Roadway2Yes- No
Pedestrian Crossovers2Yes- No
144.18Disobey Red Light3Yes- No
Radar Warning Device3Dramatically- No
172Racing6Yes- Yes
- Mandatory for Novice Drivers
- Possible 2 years upon Conviction all others
175.11Fail to Stop for School Bus6Dramatically- 30 day suspension for novice drivers
128Speeding 3 to 6YesSpeeds over 30km - Mandatory suspension Novice Drivers
- Possible for over 50km/h for all others
172Stunt Driving6Dramatically - Yes
- Mandatory for Novice Drivers
- Possible 2 years upon Conviction all others
106Seat Belts2Yes- No
132Unnecessary Slow Driving 2Yes- No
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At OTT Legal we fight traffic tickets to win, saving your demerit points and insurance rates


Chris Conway

Ret. Officer Toronto Police & OPP


Len Smart

Ret. Sgt. Toronto Police Service


Eddie Cho

Ret. Ontario Provincial Police

Mark Reynolds

Ret. Ministry of Transport Officer

A Winning Defence for Your Traffic Ticket

As former officers & qualified paralegals we know the traffic court system of law.
We know how to prepare and run a trial in traffic court.
OTT has been to court thousands of times and knows how to win traffic tickets.
We know the officers their strengths and weaknesses.
We save your time and get the best results.

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