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Scarborough Notary Public: If you’re in Scarborough, and in need of notary public services, look no further.

At OTT Legal Services, we offer convenient and efficient notary services to meet your needs. Whether you require assistance with documents, certifications, or oaths, our experienced notary publics are here to help.

Scarborough Notary Public: Convenient Location

Scarborough Notary Public
OTT Legal Services
1504 Markham Road
Scarborough, Ontario
M1B 2V9
Phone: 416-292-2022

Markham Road, Just north of Highway 401 on the west side of the roadway.

Our notary office is conveniently located at 1504 Markham Road in Scarborough, at OTT Legal. You can find us just north of Highway 401 on the west side of the roadway. With our easily accessible location, you can visit us without any hassle or inconvenience, and free parking!

No Appointment Required | Walk-in Service

As Scarborough Notary Publics, we understand that your time is valuable.

We offer a walk-in service for notary public appointments. You don’t need to worry about scheduling an appointment in advance. Simply visit our office during our working hours, and our friendly staff will be ready to assist you promptly.

Notary Public

Group of Reviews of the Scarborough Notary Public

Jo-anne Ryan

2 days ago

★★★★★ Office was easy to find, parking out front.  The Notary was friendly and professional.  Fee was reasonable and I was happy with the service.

M. Hassan

3 days ago

★★★★★ Office was closeby, spoke to the Notary who was able to answer my questions.  2 documents notarized without issue, would recommend.

Beth Combe

5 days ago

★★★★★ The notary public was pleasant to deal with, was in and out in 15 mins, fee was fair.  Would use again.

Duties of a Notary Public

Our Scarborough Notary Publics play an essential role in legal and administrative matters.

They are authorized officials under the Notaries Act R.S.O. and the Law Society of Ontario. Their primary responsibility is to administer oaths or affirmations in Ontario.

Ensuring Document Authenticity

When you bring your documents to a Notary Public, they will carefully review them to ensure that:

  • The contents of the document have been sworn to by the applicant.
  • The oath or affirmation has been properly administered.

During the notarization process, the Notary Public will affix their signature and notary stamp to your documents. In some cases, they may also certify copies of original documents as “true copies.”

Document Requirements

To ensure a smooth notarization process, it is important to meet certain document requirements. The law mandates that:

  • Proper identification must be provided.
  • Original documents should be presented to the notary public.
  • Documents must be properly completed.

Please make sure to complete all necessary information on your documents before visiting our office, except for signatures and dates. If you require certified true copies of documents, both the original and the copy must be presented for examination.

Notary Identification Requirements

To verify your identity, you must be able to provide proper identification to the Notary Public. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • One government-issued photo identification.
  • Two government-issued non-photo identifications.
  • Passports, drivers licences etc

The identification must display your signature. Please refrain from signing or dating our documents before arriving at our office, as the Notary Public needs to properly identify you and witness signatures on the documents.

Scarborough Public Notary: Documents Notarized

We notarize all documents including:

Please note our office cannot answer questions concerning which documents need to be authenticated and/or notarizing. You must find out this information before coming to our office.