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Public Notary document services with no appointment necessary. The Notary is available during normal office hours and by appointment.

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Duties of a Notary Public

A Notary and Public Notaries are public officials who notarize legal documents for the public.

Notaries can also administer and take oaths and affirmations. A Public Notary in addition to having the same powers of a Commissioner of Oaths, can certify that copies of documents are true. Notaries are regulated under the Notaries Act.

Although notaries public are public officials, they are not paid by the government.  In Ontario a Notary Public is usually a lawyer or paralegal authorized to perform the duties of a Notary through the Notaries Act and the Law Society of Ontario.

Documents Notarized, including:

Notaries can notarize all legal documents requiring a notary signature and seal including:

Instructions for Notarizing Documents

Please note, our office cannot answer questions concerning which documents need to be authenticated and/or notarized. You must find out this information before coming to our office.

  • for certified copies of documents,
    • bring the original documents and the photocopies to be certified,
    • the Notary must view the original
  • bring at least one government issued photo identification.
    • Identification must display your signature.

Do not sign or date documents prior to arriving at our office. It is the Notary’s job to properly identify you and witness you signing any documents.

Please complete all your documents prior to arriving at our office, EXCEPT for signatures and dates.

Notary Public
Didn’t have to make an appointment. Walked in and the document was notarized within 5 minutes. Great service at an excellent price.
Sylvie McMillan

Notary Public Offices

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