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Commissioner of Oaths available – Walk in Service – No appointment Necessary

OTT Legal Toronto is a paralegal law firm providing legal services for Toronto traffic tickets and criminal representation for the Toronto and area courts.

We service not only the City of Toronto but throughout Ontario, and can help our clients with New York State traffic tickets.

As licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada we provide Commissioner of Oaths services to the public, on a walk in, no appointment necessary basis.


Chris Conway

Retired Toronto Police


Marcello Morra

Licensed Paralegal


Kaelah Mizzi

Licensed Paralegal

Nick Gagliardi

Licensed Paralegal

Toronto traffic ticket agent CConway

Chris Conway

Toronto Police | Ontario Provincial Police

Retired Toronto Police officer, Accident Investigator, Radar officer, Detective Hit and Run Squad.  40 years of experience.

Toronto Traffic Ticket officer - CConway
★★★★★ I was stopped on Bathurst St in Toronto for  speeding 33km/h over the limit with 4 points.  I called OTT and they did everything for me, filed the ticket, got it ready for trial and appeared at the Old City Hall court to fight the ticket.  OTT won my case, the ticket was dropped, no points. If you have a Toronto traffic ticket give OTT Legal a call!

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David NewmanToronto
Toronto Speeding Tickets
Toronto Traffic Ticket Reviews

Toronto Traffic Ticket Reviews

I don’t even know how to begin to express my gratitude to the people at OTT. Everyone that was involved with my case thank you so very much! I’ve had a clean driving record for years and years, when suddenly I found myself with not one but two stop sign tickets within five months..

I was sick with worry over it, but OTT came through! I was completely blown away..

When I received the news that my first case was withdrawn at the beginning of the week. I was so relieved, and before the week was up, they somehow managed to have my second ticket withdrawn too!. Thanks OTT Legal! Great Job Elizabeth Toronto.

I was worried about who to retain to fight my traffic ticket. I thought that the way it happened, that the Police Officer had me. Now, I can truly say that I am happy and very grateful to OTT Legal Toronto Team for winning my ticket outright. (All points saved and no penalties).

I am impressed, because I had forgotten the date of my trial and did not showed up. In fact, I worked that night before, and was fast asleep the very day of my case. Wow! Then I received an email from OTT congratulating me that I won my case and that my driving record was not affected.

On my first visit OTT listened with rapt attention to my matter, very polite and offered a WIN-First option… Lovely! As I need to drive on the roads daily with my professional class driver’s license. Keeping it clean means a great lot in this field. I found this help / save, right at the Toronto OTT Legal. Very Professional Team. I highly recommend OTT Legal a win-first fighting team. Thank You, Regards Heera

Thanks very much, for winning my traffic ticket!

I made a google search on a Saturday and OTT was the only person to answer the phone.

You guys did exactly as you said you would do, and also replied to all my emails. This is great. As the saying goes hard work leads to success. These guys make the extra effort to win your case. Again thanks guys and keep up the great work! Thank you, Gilbert S Etobicoke

I just wanted to thank OTT Legal…
Chris, I received your letter today saying that my traffic ticket has been totally dropped.  I never expected that at all. I know it’s your job and I paid you but I am very appreciative.

You know the Toronto traffic court system better than I could ever hope to. I was hoping for a lesser charge but I am thrilled with the result.

I never met you but that does not matter. Thank-you very much.

I will certainly make sure that others are aware of your services. I highly recommend OTT Legal! Thank-you again. Anne K Toronto, Ontario

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Toronto Traffic Ticket Defence with OTT Legal

OTT Legal is a Toronto traffic ticket defence firm providing traffic court representation for speeding ticket, traffic tickets and criminal charges in Toronto.  We provide a free service for drivers to call for legal aid for and traffic ticket or criminal issue.  Former Toronto traffic police officer and detective Chris Conway leads his team of Toronto traffic tickets agents to fight your traffic ticket for you.

Chris Conway is a former traffic officer having years of experience in accident investigation, careless driving charges, fail to remain and hit and run investigations and all motor vehicle law.