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Burlington Traffic Ticket Paralegal - Brian Eminovski

Brian Eminovski

Licensed Paralegal

Fighting Traffic Tickets - Stephen Parker

Stephen Parker

Retired Police Officer

R Williams Burlington Traffic Ticket Secretary for OTT Legal

Ruth Williams

Office Manager

Traffic Ticket Reviews of OTT Legal Niagara

★★★★★ I had a great experience with Brian and OTT.  Brian got my traffic ticket with four demerit points dropped.  The ticket was originally 32 km/h over with 4 demerit points.  Brian got it down to 15 km/h over, with no points and a 50 dollar fine. Thank you so much to him and all the staff, I will use again if necessary, and I highly recommend to anybody needing legal counsel to call OTT. Randy St James, Georgetown

★★★★★ Brian and his team successfully took on my daughters careless driving ticket, and got the case (Fender bender accident, with a penalty, demerit points etc) dismissed by the court. We highly recommend Brian’s services for your traffic violations. Michael S. Burlington

★★★★★ I’ve dealt with Brian and OTT Legal several times, Brian was extremely professional and helpful every time. He was able to deliver the results I was looking for each time. I loved the fact that Brian kept me updated every step of the way and was very easy to deal with. The prices are also good. Highly recommend this business. Farhan Ali, Milton

★★★★★ I would like to express my experience with Brian Eminovski and OTT was extremely successful. Brian Eminovski and his team are motivated, honest, and a fast-working team. Brian achieves unremarkable results for his clients. I have dealt with them for the past 10 years and I would definitely recommend them than any other company to represent you. He has fought many speeding tickets for me and I was in fact very satisfied with the results he was able to achieve. Antonella Pignolo, Hamilton Ontario

★★★★★ I don’t even know how to begin to express my gratitude to the people at OTT. Everyone that was involved with my case thank you so very much! I’ve had a clean driving record for years and years, when suddenly I found myself with not one but two stop sign tickets within five months..

I was sick with worry over it, but OTT came through! I was completely blown away..

When I received the news that my first case was withdrawn at the beginning of the week. I was so relieved, and before the week was up, they somehow managed to have my second ticket withdrawn too!. Thanks OTT Legal! Great Job Elizabeth Toronto.

★★★★★ OTT Legal helped me when I was in dire need of help due to my own stupidity, Brian took care of everything and my traffic ticket was dismissed. Luckily I have not gotten a ticket since but if i ever do i will definitely use OTT Legal. Steven Pinto, Oakville

★★★★★ My experience with Burlington OTT Legal has been very successful. In two of my two speeding tickets he able to completely waive the penalty and conviction due to problems that he managed to identify in the officer notes. Honestly in those two cases my ultimate goal was to reduce the penalty but Brian managed to win them and save my insurance. If you get a traffic ticket call Brian at OTT Legal.

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Contact Us - Hamilton/Niagara

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Bita Farhang
18:06 22 Aug 19
Jus WOW.I am so ecstatic and would highly recommend OTT Legal Services Burlington.Thank You to Brian and his team for helping me with my first-ever speeding ticket with 4 demerit points!! Brian and his team are really professional , and as a result of their fantastic job , now NO FINE, NO DEMERIT POINTS!! It is amazing. I could not be happier and more thankful . Thank you so much for such a great more
Quinn T
21:07 08 Jul 19
Brian and his associate helped me out with two offence notices before Christmas 2018. I got the result recently and both are resolved with very positive outcomes. I can’t be happier because my driving record is good and I had never been in these situations before. Brian and his team are very professional, always kept me informed. Amazing works! Thank you again!read more
Glen Da Silva
01:02 12 Jun 19
Brian and his team have represented me 3 times in court and have exceeded all my expectations. He listened to my concerns, found the best solutions that fit me best and followed through with his plan. Their tactics in the court house always lead to a successful outcome. I will continue to use and highly recommend Brian and his team to anyone looking for legal more
Rochelle Firefly
23:32 11 Jun 19
My son got a speeding ticket last year which would have affected his insurance, especially since he was a G2 driver. Brian was very professional, took the time to explain everything to me and all of our options. Hiring Brian was worth it for us. They followed up for the court date, patiently answered all my questions and concerns and he goes to court for you so you don't need to take time off work. I highly recommend their more
Cheryl Ward
22:56 09 Jun 19
This review is on behalf of my parents. They required assistance with a Highway Traffic Act ticket as the result of an accident. I researched many companies but was very impressed with the reviews for OTT Legal Services. I am extremely pleased to add our own review for their services. Brian and Kimberley have been extremely professional and very knowledgeable from the beginning to the end of our journey. Brian put my parents at ease from the beginning, explaining exactly what our options were and proceeded to act on our behalf immediately. They kept us informed at all times and were always available if needed. We would highly recommend their services to anyone. We were very happy with the outcome and are very grateful for their support and assistance!read more
Mohsen Soleimanifard
20:19 27 May 19
I Recently got a Speeding ticket and 3 demerit points. I contacted OTT Legal Team for advice regarding the Ticket and Brian and his team were very efficient, professional and extremely helpful. I was always kept informed of all procedures and what I needed to do. I was not required to appear in court as Brian was representing me, and he called me immediately with the outcome. Best of all the charge against me was Discharged . Brian made it all very easy and straightforward and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I would definitely use OTT Legal again and Highly recommend Brian and his staff to anyone requiring any legal services he more
Laura Gracia
13:57 24 May 19
My experience with Brian and his associates was excellent. I had a collision ticket, which they were able to dissolve due to their knowledge in the field and by always keeping me updated on the progress of the case. All of the staff were very professional, helpful and understanding. Very much happy with the result and would recommend anyone to go see them!read more
Emmanuel Jay
19:35 06 May 19
Perfect example for professional people to work with. My daughter’s speeding ticket was all removed by their professional service. Kept me updated throughout the process, thanks Brian & Kimberley for your support, guidance and communication. Definitely worth the investment. Very satisfied!read more
Suvra Saha
22:49 04 May 19
I am really happy and fortunate to find OTT legal Burlington website. It was a nice experience working with Brian and his associates. I have talked over phone and email them all the details and they fight for my speeding ticket. They are responsible and manage everything over email which save time and very efficient. A big thanks to Brian and his team. I highly recommend their more
Julia Guit
17:48 14 Apr 19
We had the fortunate pleasure of working with Brian and his team during a difficult time. What impressed me most was his professionalism and compassion dealing with some very sensitive matters. He took the time to explain all our options so that we were left feeling comfortable with the choices we made. He was quick to follow up with us with any concerns we had. We were introduced to Adam Little, who also handled the case. Both Brian and Adam did an excellent job representing us in court. I would highly recommend Brian Eminovski to anyone in need of legal more
Louis V
23:49 09 Apr 19
Having an accountable, reliable, and generous attorney is hard enough to find on its own. Even with being a US citizen, the experience I had with Brian Eminovski, exceeded any expectation I could have asked for. My safety was consistently insured, and my case was handled in a remarkably timely manner. I unfortunately faced a speeding and stunt driving violation, which Brian was able to take care of completely for me. I couldn’t say enough about how thrilled I was to have him as my lawyer. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone in need of a respectable and efficient lawyer. You won’t be disappointed!read more
Jolanta Frost
20:49 08 Apr 19
I had a very good experience with Brian and his associates helping me out with my speeding ticket.I am professional working full time and I highly appreciated that I could present my case over phone and on line.Brian went to court and represented me so well that I did not received any points ,my speed was reducedso I paid only 60 dollars fine.I would like to recommend his business to everyone who had come across with a speeding ticket.I give more than 5 stars for his honest warm manners in representing my case.Thank you Brianread more
Steven Bennett
00:49 05 Apr 19
I would just like to thank the OTT legal services in Burlington with an excellent job they have done! I got caught stunt driving, well over the 50 km/h over the speed limit mark and I thought I was going to lose my license and my life was over. But with the professionalism and guidance of the legal team I was able to feel reassured and keep my license, it was truly amazing and a dream come true! These people are miracle workers and I will always recommend anyone to them!!read more
bob minnery
17:05 29 Mar 19
I can`t say enough good things about Brian and Kim! Brian was, right from the start, professional, reassuring and spot on with his information. Kim always emailed me when she said she would and responded to every question in a timely manner. Unbelievable customer service. I tried to paraphrase his words back to him and Brian said `let me make this simple for you, here`s how it works...and then laid it out in terms I could understand. I never want to use his service again but if circumstances dictate he (OTTLegalServices) will be the first person I call. I would give 6 stars if I more
keri benn
15:34 28 Mar 19
We used Brian and his team a couple times for my son and both issues were dealt with to our satisfaction. One even surpassed what we expected! With their help we were able to keep insurance costs down! We would recommend OTT Legal 100%!read more
Karen Sibal
17:10 05 Mar 19
A HUGE Thank You to Brian and Kimberley for helping me with my speeding ticket. In September 2018, I received my first-ever speeding ticket with 4 demerit points at stake. I was devastated and not sure of my options, as I've never received a speeding ticket in my 30+ years of driving in Ontario. Brian and his team were professional, responsive, thorough and reassuring. He was able to get my ticket thrown out on a technicality and my driving record remains in tact with no reduction in demerit points, no fine! I am ecstatic and would highly recommend OTT Legal Services Burlington to anyone in a similar situation. Brian and his team will do their very best to help you and will explain the process right from the beginning. Can't thank you guys enough!!!read more
Vivek Balasubramanian
00:44 03 Mar 19
First things first, Thank you Brian. I had a driving under suspension charge and was looking at thousands of dollars in fine, a possible suspension of license for 6 months, and a significant insurance hike. The charge was complex, came upon unexpectedly, and even to find out the root cause of it required a thorough understanding. I was concerned and gave Brian a call. It was a Sunday and I’m so grateful that he picked up the call. He spent 45 mins on the phone to go over the details, and provided a set of immediate next steps to take. After that call, I already felt better that I was going to work with the team that knows what they’re doing. The other lawyers/paralegals I reached out to either lessened the seriousness of the charge or inflated their ability to make it go away. Brian on the other hand analyzed it in detail, provided objective feedback, set realistic expectations, made me understand my options and guided me in every step of the way. Most importantly, he was always always available. There were 3 court proceedings, he personally represented me along with his team and ensured that I didn’t have to go. Above all, Brian and his team made the charge vanish and managed to get the fine down to a few hundred dollars, with no more suspension or increase in insurance premium. I can’t thank Brian and his team enough. He totally knocked it out of the park. 5 stars for his professionalism, experience, availability, patience and being a nice more
Andrei Tokarev
20:23 22 Feb 19
The team at Burlington OTT office led by Brian was highly professional and a real pleasure to work with. Starting from the 1st consultation they explained the entire legal process and any possible outcomes that may come as a result. Once I retained their services they kept me fully informed on the status of my case. Due to their diligent work and expertise my charge was greatly reduced and left me satisfied with the final outcome. I would definitely recommend the team at OTT Legal if you have a traffic charge and want to fight it(and, you should!).Once again, thank you for the more
Jonathan Lee
00:24 13 Feb 19
The team at Burlington OTT was professional and courteous in providing their services. I had a speeding charge and they helped me understand all the potential situations that might occur. They were upfront about the case and mentioned that there was a high possibility it would not change. I was unable to attend the courtdate, but I was confident having Brian represent me. The team managed to get the charge withdrawn completely. I appreciate the transparency and the prompt (and thorough) responses. Thank you!read more
Anuj Dhawan
19:31 11 Feb 19
I had a cell phone ticket which I was going to fight because the police officer had applied a wrong interpretation of the laws in my view. Stephen Parker, who was assigned to my file, and Brian Eminovski were both very knowledgeable as well as extremely responsive to any queries I had. Stephen was thoroughly prepared to represent me at trial and even though the matter eventually did not go to trial I have no doubt he would have done an excellent job. I highly recommend the services of OTT Legal more
Teresa Pitre
23:51 08 Feb 19
I had two somewhat related charges that would have cost me demerit points and a big insurance hike. Brian and his team were extremely supportive, responsive, professional, and best of all, effective. They helped me understand the two tickets and all of the legal interpretation and court proceedings, and walked me through my options without bias. However their experience and knowledge made it easy for me to understand the factors and I was thrilled with the result after they expertly handled my case. It was worth every penny for the ultimate result of one charge dropped and another reduced to a very minimal cost and no demerit points. Above all, I was very well represented and didn’t even have to go to court once. Thank you!!!read more
Benjamin Houghton
20:45 26 Dec 18
I can't recommend Brian and his staff highly enough after enlisting their service during a difficult period with a serious traffic ticket looming over my head. With help from the team at OTT Legal, I had my "Stunt Driving" ticket reduced to a lower charge (from 6 to 3 demerit points) against difficult odds. They have been the epitome of professionalism and remained approachable and understanding during all interactions. The team at OTT Legal have also been exceptionally accommodating of my busy schedule and were more than happy to cater to my scheduling preferences to make this process as smooth as possible.If you're in a similar situation, I highly recommend OTT Burlington's expertise to serve your more
Humza Tariq
00:27 19 Dec 18
Very professional and courteous service provided by Brian, Ruth and his team of paralegals and assistants. I had a speeding charge looking at prolonging my time in the high risk insurance market, Brian understood my financial situation and built a strong case. I attended court because I wanted to but I felt confident having Brian represent me. He got the charge withdrawn leaving me as one happy camper. Thank you Brian and Burlington OTT. Happy Holidays!read more
W01273 OPT
22:46 11 Dec 18
Brian and his team were tremendous. Thank you for all your help. I had a 110 dollar ticket and 3 points. Brian got all charges dropped. Very well worth it, Thanks, I could not have done it myself, nor would I want to. Brian and his team are easy to deal with and he explains everything. Cant say enoughread more
Neslihan Atay Pakkal
03:28 06 Dec 18
I cannot thank enough Brian and his team for their professionalism and helpful approach. My traffic ticket has been withdrawn and I will not be having any insurance problems. They were very informative and reassuring in every step . Thank you very much to Stephen for representing me in a very professional way and being very kind.I will be recommending Burlington OTT Legal to anyone looking for this kind of more
Gohar N
01:31 27 Nov 18