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Winning Traffic Ticket Testimonials

In January 2015 I was charged with failure to report an accident, failure to remain, failure to render assistance and failure to give required information.

Being totally overwhelmed with these charges I truly felt I was innocent of, I turned to OTT Legal for help and to represent me. I sat down with Daniel Jenner and we reviewed the case. Mr. Jenner put me at ease and basically said “let me do my job”.

After many court appearances, postponements and finally a trial, Mr. Jenner cleared my name , had all the charges dismissed and cleared me of all fines, charges and demerit points. This took nine dragged out months.

Although I knew I was not in the wrong, I could not have done this without Mr Jenner’s patience, professionalism and reassurance. His entire team was great and I highly recommend this company.

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for representing me in my careless driving charge. From start to successful finish, OTT Legal was everything I had hoped for in a paralegal service.

You were frank and honest, responsive to my needs and concerns, and you and your team worked diligently to provide me with the best possible representation. The result was positive, but so was the entire experience. Thank you very much. Miklos P.

I’d just like to thank OTT legal services and most importantly, all the individuals who were involved with my traffic ticket.

We came to OTT legal services based on a recommendation from a friend. Ever since I received the speeding ticket I was under so much stress worrying about the outcome and I honestly was never in peace.

It was my first ticket and I really didn’t want a speeding ticket to be on my driving record. It was a careless mistake and I was so troubled and worried. My only hope was OTT legal services and when received the news you won the case I was overwhelmed with relief.

Words can’t express how grateful I am and this is just my small note of appreciation. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know if they need help with traffic tickets and thank you once again to all the individuals who took care of my traffic ticket. With sincere thanks, Lathanki.

Dear OTT Legal

I am writing this email to thank you very much for the successfully defending my 5 traffic tickets, which included one for careless driving and another for fail to remain, which could have destroyed my entire driving career.

You don’t know how happy I am today, all the stress of these traffic tickets is gone, and its because of your great work.

Once more, a big thank you to the whole OTT Legal team for the great services provided through the period. I will highly recommend OTT to my friends and people I know in my community to use your outstanding services for any traffic ticket issues.
Sincerely Wais R. Toronto

Dear OTT Brampton

I had a traffic ticket that would have affected my insurance as well as my work, where I have to maintain a clean driving record. When I presented my situation to Eddie Cho he assured me of his commitment to make this ticket and situation better for me.

The results where that all the traffic tickets and charges were dropped! Amazing simply amazing, I will refer all my family and friends to OTT from now on. I hope no one will ever get into trouble but if you do call OTT Legal!

Hassbarg T. Brampton

Dear OTT Legal Scarborough Office

It was a nail biting situation waiting to hear the results of my traffic ticket charge of turning left on a red
light while in the intersection. Rory Hardman the trial paralegal was most reassuring and helpful. Stafford Smith was great during my initial review of my case. I can’t thank you enough for such professionalism in handling and WINNING my traffic ticket. Sincerely Mel C. Toronto

Dear OTT Legal,

Thank you soooooo much for your great work. I will pass your name along to anyone who may need your services. This was way better than I had hoped for. I didn’t think the officer wasn’t being fair in “writing me up for a full 110 km/h speeding ticket. Was I, or wasn’t I going 110??? Anyway. Thanks so much again. If we have any issues in the future we will give you a call FOR SURE! Have a wonderful day, Wendy K.

Dear OTT Legal – Scarborough

I can hardly use words to express my thankfulness for all you have done to help me remove my careless driving ticket.  Winning in this case means a lot to me. I was so excited and wanted to jump all the way home. My daughters are also very happy with the result. Your professional knowledge and skills, your understanding and kindness will be always remembered.

You are the best!!! We have mailed you a thank you card and hope you will like it.
We wish you a good luck and win all the cases in the future!
Thanks again, Danying Guo

I want everyone to know what OTT Legal Services did for us and how much we appreciated the time and effort he took to help us with our traffic tickets.

When police laid charges following a traffic accident that cost us $7,000 in damages to our van, Ontario Traffic Tickets and OTT Legal Services made all the difference to us.

Len Smart contacted the Crown Attorney to explain why we were not at fault. As a result of Len getting involved the Crown withdrew the traffic ticket of Left Turn Not in Safety, but our troubles weren’t over. Our insurance company still deemed us to be 50 percent at fault in the accident and said our premiums were going up and our rating was going down.

We asked Ontario Traffic Tickets and OTT Legal Services to approach our insurance company and they jumped at the chance. They supplied the court records of the traffic ticket withdrawal and wrote a letter on our behalf to explain the situation. The insurance company finally relented and concluded our fault was zero percent. Len Smart stayed the course long after his responsibilities ended and didn’t charge extra for his services.
Above and beyond the call of duty! B & S Scott. Richmond Hill ON

Dear Eddie Cho, OTT Legal Services

I wanted to thank you for your time and effort in successfully defending my traffic ticket, resulting in the removal of charges.

When my husband and I approached you with our court case, we truly were impressed with your analysis approach and case strategy. We walked in with much doubt and hesitation. When we left, we left with 100% confidence that we’ve taken the right decision to work with a professional like you.

On the trial day, your colleague Chris made us feel relaxed and ensured that our ordeal was concluded quickly and successfully.

After the court trial, we were impressed to receive your letter of notification that our charges have been removed.

It is not easy being on the road today. It definitely helped us to know that professionals like you and your firm exist. Your help and assistance were truly appreciated.
Nuha A. Mississauga, Ontario

Dear OTT,

I was recently fined with a $325 dollar ticket for a careless driving charge, plus six demerit points. Scrambling frantically to find help, I contacted Ontario Traffic Tickets / OTT Legal Services.
OTT Legal was quick and responsive to the situation and offered great and easy ongoing communication with the status of the situation.

I highly recommend OTT and their services. Michael CV, Newmarket On

Dear Ontario Traffic Tickets / OTT Legal Services

I was totally upset when I received my traffic ticket, since I have a perfect record over the last 15 years. I was facing demerit points and of course, if convicted of this offence, would cost me higher insurance premiums etc. I had heard about all the big names in the traffic ticket help business and after talking with a police officer, I decided to try “Ontario Traffic Tickets and OTT Legal Services”.

WOW! Am I glad I did! Chris, you were so genuinely attentive to my situation, and certainly not judgmental in any way. I felt very confident that you would represent my case extremely well in a top professional way when I trusted your organization with my problem.

I have dealt with lawyers in the past that could take lessons from your professional and your genuine caring interest!

Months passed and then a letter came from you stating that all charges had been dropped. Congratulations, on a job well done! In my opinion, you guys are truly the best in the business! I will certainly tell my friends should they need such a service. Thank you again! Regards, Don Smith

Ontario Traffic Tickets / OTT Legal Services

I wanted to thank you and your company for successfully defending my many traffic tickets that have saved me both personally and financially from the insurance companies.

I want everyone to know the competence that your organization showed in accessing and ultimately defending my tickets from start to acquittal. Utmost is the acumen that separates you from your competition.

In only one courtroom loss (of 7 tickets over 3 years), OTT stood firm on my innocence and we won the case on appeal!! I’m very grateful to both of you for all the work you did on my case.

The outcome was definitely worth “ten times” the money spent. I will certainly recommend you and your services to all my friends, fellow salesman on the road, and all Torontonians.

Being on the road today is tough but it’s great to know that businesses like you are there to help! Look no further people! Regards, Tyson Haller

OTT Legal

Thank you so much for handling my traffic ticket, Your services in this matter were nothing short of professional and the result speaks for itself! I’m very happy to know that my driving record is clear of this offense and there was no fine/penalty nor demerit points charged.

I would also like to inform you that I have learned my lesson. And IF (this will never happen) I do ever get another ticket I will be sure to come visit you again.

You and your staff were so professional and so personable that I am truly grateful for the time you and your team spent with my case.

Please do extend my appreciation to all parties involved in this case.

Francisco ‘Paco’ Grandjêan
PMO – Project Management Office

Dear Ontario Traffic Tickets/OTT Legal Services

I just wanted to thank you. I received a letter today to say that my traffic ticket has been totally dropped. I never expected that at all. I know it is your job and I paid you but I am very appreciative.

You know the traffic court system better than I could ever hope to. I was hoping for a lesser charge but I am thrilled with the result. I never met you but that does not matter. Thank-you very much. I will certainly make sure that others are aware of your services.Thank-you again. Anne K Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Traffic Tickets/OTT Legal Services

I recently had two speeding tickets thrown out by OTT Legal.

One in September and one in October, thank all your agents there that worked to win my tickets. You are great and a special thank-you to the Brampton agents that represented me on both cases.

Once again excellent work, and i’ll keep referring your company.
Ted Bekiaris Toronto, ON

OTT Legal Services

I acknowledge receiving a letter dated June 20 advising that the speeding ticket charge against me was withdrawn. Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the way your office handled my traffic ticket. Will refer clients at every opportunity.
Yours truly, P. J. D. Toronto.

Dear OTT,

I am writing to you to thank you for your help.

I have received the letter saying that we had won the case, your firm has done great work, as I mentioned to Mark before, I had posted my story on, the biggest Chinese online community in Toronto, please find attached Word file.

I will definitely recommend OTT if any of my friends need help.
Best Regards, Xiaozhi (Ted) Wang Toronto, Ontario

Dear OTT Legal,

I wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of our daughter’s traffic ticket. You really made it much easier for her and I really appreciated that. Now I have to see if I can get her behind the wheel again. We wish you all the best,
Sincerely, K. Henry Toronto

Dear OTT Legal,

I just want to THANK YOU for getting my red light traffic ticket reduced to zero points. I am very satisfied with your professionalism and service as I have been burned before by other traffic ticket companies whose false claims do not match their performance.

Thank you very much! I appreciate what you did for me and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Special thanks the Eddie and Eva at the Brampton office.
Best Regards, FARHAN MIR

Thank you for resolving my speeding ticket in my favor and saving my insurance premiums.

You saved me countless hours of travel. Even more importantly, the aggravation that I would have to endure with handling the case myself would have been awful. I was impressed by your professionalism and the compassionate way you talked me through the process. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone who is need of your services. Sincerely, A. Kligman

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I was with the service/assistance I received when working with your lawyer last year during my DUI & speeding ticket charge.

As I’m sure you know my criminal charge was reduced to a Careless Driving, a traffic ticket! Naturally it could have been worse if it had not been for the support I received from your staff. The lawyer not only took the time to keep me posted at every step of the way but he handled me with “kid gloves” which was totally appreciated. I have certainly learned my lesson but the help that OTT Legal Services gave me was greatly appreciated. I recommend OTT Legal to anyone with a DWI charge. Name withheld by request

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OTT Legal Services are committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal information from traffic ticket consultations in Toronto and throughout Ontario that are requested through electronic communications as specified in our Ontario Traffic Ticket Privacy Policy. We do not share or give out any personal information to any persons or agencies. Perspective and current clients with traffic tickets or speeding tickets should understand and appreciate the risks associated with the transmitting of personal and or confidential information electronically and the potential for illicit interception.

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Traffic Ticket Reviews of OTT Legal
Frank Nocera
22:09 07 Nov 19
I received a speeding ticket and decided to let OTT Legal Services fight it for me. They proved to be professional and informative throughout the entire experience. A special thank you to Kaelah Mizzi for winning my case. I highly recommend using OTT Legal.
Lena White
07:13 06 Nov 19
Dear OTT legal team! I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Your expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations!I got my first speeding ticket for almost a 40 km over and was so bewildered and scared, like a child in a Ghost house… And I was SO lucky to find OTT legal service over the internet search. Since I handed over my case to OTT legal, they have been following up with me regularly with the court dates and hearings. They represented me in court, so I didn’t take the day off for the matter. On the next morning after the court date I go a great news from Leila and Kaelah, OTT Legal in Etobicoke... "We are happy to advise you that we won the ticket we fought for you. There is no conviction, fine or demerit points, and your driving record is clear of this offence." So, to everyone in need for help in cases like mine – HIRE OTT legal – you will not regret it!Thank you, guys, amazing service!
Akshay Shrivastav
16:53 22 Oct 19
I would really like to thank and appreciate Kaelah Mizzi for all her efforts to help me with my speeding ticket. Since i handed over my case to OTT legal they have been following up with me regularly with the court dates and hearings and finally this morning they sent me a mail saying that they won the ticket for me and there is no conviction, fine or demerit points and my driving record is clear. I would highly recommend OTT legal to all those people who would want to get rid of speeding tickets and have their record clear.Thank you once again OTT legal.
Akshay Shrivastav
16:53 22 Oct 19
I would really like to thank and appreciate Kaelah Mizzi for all her efforts to help me with my speeding ticket. Since i handed over my case to OTT legal they have been following up with me regularly with the court dates and hearings and finally this morning they sent me a mail saying that they won the ticket for me and there is no conviction, fine or demerit points and my driving record is clear. I would highly recommend OTT legal to all those people who would want to get rid of speeding tickets and have their record clear.Thank you once again OTT legal.
Mavis Asamoah
19:44 18 Oct 19
My experience with OTT Legal was great. Kaelah and her team made the process of fighting my ticket very easy. Everything was done through email or over the phone. Kaelah even came to my workplace to get some paperwork completed for an error that took place, but they worked quickly to resolve it. They won my case and as a result I have no conviction or demerit points to worry about. I am extremely happy with the service I received and would recommend them to anyone.
Loro Construction & Waste Management
16:26 18 Oct 19
On October 18, 2019 Kaelah and her team represented me in court for a traffic violation ticket. I had already had previous traffic tickets that had been taken care of by another firm, however was not happy with the outcome there. The Process with OTT Legal was quick, easy, and painless, I was sent all documents via e-mail (did not have to go into an office and sign paperwork), they do all the running around for you from obtaining disclosure to showing up on the court date. I was kept in the loop from beginning to end. MY TICKET WAS WITHDRAWN! leaving me with a clean driving record, no points, no fine. I cannot be any happier, well worth the money. I would recommend anyone with any ticket related issues to use OTT Legal, they will not disappoint, that's a guarantee! Thanks again,-BG
sam nabi
13:06 18 Oct 19
Thank you OTT Legal Etobicoke for helping me with my stunt driving charge. Not only were they very professional and courteous, they were able to save my demerit points. Very happy with the outcome! Highly recommend !
Richard Campos
23:44 27 Sep 19
Kaelah and are her team were superb. The service was great from the beginning to the end. I would say this even if I didn't win the trial but I did and I'm sure it wasn't ab easy case but they got the job done. I definitely recommend. However I hope I don't have to use them again lol but if that's the case they'd be the first paralegals I'd callThanks again.
ten namgyal
02:46 17 Sep 19
I went there today.. front desk lady welcome me with big smile. Help me out with all papers work.. kaelah mizzi was very professional and straight forward.. thanks for both.. Wish me luck...
Jeff Marshall
15:58 11 Sep 19
Exceptional experience. Kaelah and the team not only resolved the charges in my favour but went above and beyond when we ran into a challenge in the process.The guidance and follow up from Kaelah was professional, consistent and prompt. I never felt I lost visibility into my case. If you are evaluating other legal services, stop. Choose OTT legal.
Jeff Marshall
15:58 11 Sep 19
Exceptional experience. Kaelah and the team not only resolved the charges in my favour but went above and beyond when we ran into a challenge in the process.The guidance and follow up from Kaelah was professional, consistent and prompt. I never felt I lost visibility into my case. If you are evaluating other legal services, stop. Choose OTT legal.
robert wollmann
22:08 26 Jul 19
had a ticket withdrawn . thought the odds were against me. ott team pulled through. great job
rohit koul
03:14 25 Jul 19
OTT Legal has been a great help in contesting my traffic ticket. I would gladly recommend their services.K.Rohit
22:34 24 Jul 19
Excellent value for my money. They represented me and turned my 3 demerit points into 0! Incredible. Thank you.
Logan Velco
17:02 23 Jul 19
If I could give them a 10 star rating I would. Very professional yet friendly. No hidden fees and they tell you the game plan up front as soon as they review your case. Kaelah at OTT Etobicoke was great! Always reachable via email or phone. Constantly keeping me up to date. The team was able to clear my speeding ticket and reduce my points to "zero". Thank you OTT Legal - you are highly recommended in my books.
Matthew Bitter
14:22 09 Jul 19
They are very quick to respond to email and best of all they won my speeding ticket for me. no surprise fees, very professional and quick. a very good service they offer for the price.
Erin Kimura
18:20 11 Jun 19
These guys are amazing. They are honest, professional, efficient and reasonable. They helped me so much. I am extremely satisfied!
Catherine DiNunzio-Rita
17:36 04 Jun 19
I worked with Kaelah and Jeremy- They are both fantastic!! I couldn't be more happier with the outcome that Kaelah and Jeremy achieved for me. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know and will contact them if I ever require Paralegal services in the future. Very pleased with their work. 🙂
Wilson Oliveira
00:59 02 Jun 19
OTT provides an outstanding service, very professional, kept me informed all the way of the process, it is a no breaker choice to me. Thank you Kaelah Mizzi for your amazing job.
Mohammadreza Mahdavifar
19:37 23 May 19
I had an accident 9 months ago. I was not sure that I was in fault but all evidences were against me. I gave my file to OTT Etobicoke office and today I was informed that they won the ticket.There is no convection, fine or demerit points.Thank you Kaeleh for your efforts!
Rizwan Arshad
09:25 23 May 19
OTT Legal did an excellent job. Kept me updated throughout the process. Very professional. Would highly recommend.
raghu ram
01:57 11 May 19