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Reviews of OTT Legal #2

Reviews of OTT Legal

Winning Traffic Ticket Testimonials

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Speeding Ticket

Dear OTT Legal, I am writing to you to inform that I am very grateful for the results from my speeding ticket that was disputed a few days ago. OTT has always provided me with good service such as keeping me up with updates, friendly welcome every time I enter the office , and being honest possible outcomes with the tickets, rather than selling me promises, like a lot of business do to make a quick buck. A friend recommended me going to OTT, and he says he’s been getting good results 100% of the time. Now I always know where to go when I get myself charged with a traffic ticket. Thanks Again OTT Ronald MS Toronto

Red Light Ticket

This was my first time I ever had a red light ticket or for that matter first time ever being in a courtroom let alone in front of a judge so needless to say being kept abreast of the case step by step helped me keep my composure.
Again this may be a little late in letting you know but I thought better late than never!
Many thanks again for all of the assistance you and your team provided me.

All the best and hopefully our paths won’t be crossing anytime soon!
Regards, N Prunton

Speeding Ticket

Thank you so much for handling my case (speeding ticket 65km/h in a 50 km/h zone).
Your services in this matter were nothing short of professional and the result speaks for itself! I’m very happy to know that my driving record is clear of this offense and there was no fine or penalty charged. I am sure to recommend your services to friends and family Peter HO

Speeding Ticket

I just want to thank Ian Leaver of your company for assisting me at the Old City Hall court house for my traffic ticket.

I’m not sure if Ian remembers me but on June 2nd I was at the downtown Toronto courtroom, there I was sitting on a bench behind Ian with a fear of god look on my face. When Ian asked if I was OK, I just about broke out in tears!

A grown woman, in tears! Ian kindly sat beside me and reviewed my particular circumstances and told me what to do. Perhaps it was quite insignificant to him; however, for me it was monumental. It really was simply a speeding ticket but I felt like a criminal. I’ve never been accused any wrong doing before but at that particular moment, I was a nervous wreck!

Ian you so much for your kindness it’s rare in Toronto, and so unexpected in a courtroom. If ever I find myself in a jam again, you and OTT will be my first contact, if I hear of someone needing assistance, I will give them your name and company.
Thank you so much and so so much appreciated
C. Normandeau, Toronto, Ontario

Speeding Ticket

Dear OTT Legal,
My name is Robert S., and you recently fought a traffic ticket for me.
I would like to send my thanks to you and your team for an excellent job. I would also like to inform you that I have learned my lesson (no more speeding for me). And IF (that’s a big if) I do ever get another ticket I will be sure to come visit you again.
Thanks for the great service Rob Shver

Speeding Ticket

Thank you for successfully winning my speeding ticket which your office has represented last October. Your effort is greatly appreciated and commendable. Your excellent services continues to be a great assistance to our community.
More power to you and your team! Rafael U., Scarborough , Ontario

Careless Driving

Thanks so much for all your help with respect to my careless driving ticket from my car accident. Everything you did was very much appreciated and certainly made me feel better knowing it was in your hands. Having a former officer with knowledge and experience in Accident Investigation sure paid off.
Thank you for winning my case!  Hilary Lloyd , Mississauga , Ontario

Red Light Ticket

I really appreciate your time and answers and promptness with my red light traffic ticket, and it will definitely not go unnoticed. I hope I will never find myself in a position to require these types of legal services again… but if I do, I know who I will go to and recommend to my friends in similar situations.

My impressions of you were very positive and you conducted yourself with the utmost integrity and are forthright and prompt in communications. Do you provide other legal services besides traffic violations?  David Cormican

Speeding Ticket

I want to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for the great work you did on my behalf in regards to my speeding ticket at the Scarborough Courts. You were a gentleman, and very helpful because i know i can be pretty impatient at times.

You and your staff there do an amazing job. If I hear of friends or anybody in need of help I will definitely recommend OTT Legal Services.
Once again THANK-YOU VERY MUCH. Teddy Bekiaris, Toronto , Ontario

Careless Driving Ticket

I wanted to say thank you very much for your representing me during a trial that was held on June 10, for a careless driving charge that I received. I appreciate all the efforts you have done to get this charge dismissed.

It was definitely worth getting your assistance in this matter. Also, would like to thank all the people I dealt with at OTT Legal, they were pleasant and made you feel at ease during this situation.

I would recommend anyone in similar situation to contact your company.
Kelly H., Burlington

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!.
You now have a customer for life and I will recommend your company to all my family and friends!  I had a G2 licence traffic ticket, with a $110 dollar fine with a 30 day licence suspension and these guys WON my case!!!!
Thanks Again, Anthony De Silva

Fail to Remain – Fail to Report

Just a short not to thank you and your staff for an amazing job to get my fail to remain ticket totally dismissed. This was much more that I could have wished for. My special thanks to your whole staff who worked on my case with tireless efforts!! No words can express my gratitude.

The prosecutor was asking for a long term licence suspension and a fine for a charge that I didn’t deserve. The staff at OTT went above and beyond, working on my case meeting and going over every issue and discussing with me how they would proceed.

They did the research and case preparation and ultimately won my case. I highly recommend OTT Legal! A special thank you to all at the Durham Region office!
Thanks,  Deborah G. Whitby

Stunt Driving Ticket

We would like to sincerely thank Leonard Smart, and the staff of OTT Legal Services for representing our son on a serious charge of racing. It seems like a “thank you” is just not enough. We didn’t know what to do or where to start and your response to our inquiries were prompt and reassuring.

Len quickly made an appointment for us to see him and he explained the seriousness of this charge. He was up front and honest with us and yet he put our minds at ease. Len’s professionalism and guidance in this matter was of great importance to us.

His knowledge and expertise was instrumental in having our sons charges dismissed. Today before going into court, Len took the time to explain the serious nature of the charge and the consequences to our son. He was genuinely concerned that he knew how dangerous this was and how tragically this could have ended. Our son has learned his lesson the hard way and it is because of you he has another chance.

We will highly recommended OTT Legal Services to anyone and everyone. We will tell them how you went above and beyond for us. It was certainly worth every penny.
Sincerely,  The CC Family

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