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Former Police Officers & Licensed Paralegals for Traffic Tickets and Criminal Law

Reviews of OTT Legal #4

Why OTT Legal to Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Reviews of OTT Legal

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Careless Driving Ticket

I just wanted to thank you for representing me in court for my careless driving charge. I had debated over whether or not I should hire an agent to represent me, and I am so glad I did. It was probably the best money I have ever spent. You took a lot of the pressure off of the upcoming deadline. When we went to court I realized while watching the other agents, cops, and prosecutor working their magic, that I was way out of my league.

I could clearly see that having a retired police officer on my side clearly made a big difference in court.
Thank you so much. Tamara Snell

Speeding Ticket

I personally would like to thank you for attending on my behalf to the court. I was pleased to hear that you were able to reduce the 3 demerit points to zero at Scarborough Provincial Courts. I would be happy to recommend you to my friends that are in the same situation. Thank you for representing me.
Cheers, Edgar

Speeding Ticket

I would just like to thank you for your work in getting my speeding ticket dismissed. You will be my number one choice for future representation of these matters. I will be recommending you to others who find themselves in similar situations.
Thanks again Ryan Pulfer

Speeding Ticket

Thank you for representing me in the Penatang courts last August for my speeding ticket. I was pleased to see that the demerit points and the ticket cost were both reduced by half. I paid the ticket and I am happy with the outcome. Also I your fees were significantly lower that the fees of the other companies I checked out.
Thanks Mark Floyd

Speeding Ticket

Thank you so much for your guidance and expertise handling the speeding ticket my son received.

Original Offence: 110 in an 80 which would have resulted in points and a huge fine Outcome with your representation: ZERO POINTS & A FINE OF ONLY $45
My son learned his lesson the hard way – and you gave him another chance!! I (and many others I’m sure) are very pleased you left the Police Force and came to our rescue. Your business card is being distributed throughout my business and family.
All the best, Norma Pirie

Speeding Ticket

I wish to thank you for representing me with my (not your) best interests in mind. As you can imagine (or maybe not), I was very concerned about this. I have not had to deal with this before and I was a little paranoid (about both the tickets/points/my record and allowing a firm to handle this).
I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in a similar situation.
Thanks again, Steve Stanton Application Architect

Careless Driving Ticket

Let me have my sincere congratulations to you on getting me zero points assessed on my charge of careless driving.

I do not have words to thank you except to tell you honestly that you have done a commendable job, which really deserves a great deal of appreciation. Without your expert knowledge and professional advice, I think it would have been impossible to get the zero point assessed. I have circulated your telephone number and your name to my near and dear ones for any kind of assistance of these accidents. James Miller, Toronto

Multiple Traffic Tickets

I would like to take a moment to let you know how satisfied I am with you and your company and the service you personally provided us.

Earlier this year, I had an occasion to help my brother find a representative to fight his 3 traffic tickets. These tickets amounted to over $800 dollars and several demerit points; needless to say we needed an expert. We hired you.

In a time when so many companies and individuals are only concerned about the bottom line, our encounter with you was most satisfying. You were accessible by telephone and willing to meet us on a reasonable schedule. You were very friendly and knowledgeable and best of all, you were successful.

We would like to thank you again for making an unpleasant circumstance into a positive one. Sincerely, Maria

Careless Driving Ticket

I wanted to thank you for the way in which you helped me recently with my Traffic Ticket for Careless Driving.

I am normally a very safe driver and when I was charged after a minor accident I was very worried about how a conviction in this matter could negatively affect my driving record and significantly increase my Car Insurance rates.

Once I entrusted you and your firm with my defence, I felt much better and as it turned out you were able to have the charges completely dropped. I was very glad to have a company with your wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the “system” working on my case.

Your honesty and professionalism was evident throughout this experience and I must say that in the future I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone looking to challenge any kind of Traffic Ticket. Again, thank you for your efforts on my behalf; you are simply the “BEST”.  Regards, John Robinson

Stop Sign Ticket

Thanks so much for successfully handling my Stop Sign traffic ticket. The charge was reduced to an improper stop is much more reasonable than ‘failing to stop at a Stop sign’ which implies I went through straight through the stop sign, which I didn’t. What’s great is that the original charge had 3 demerit points attached to it, so Ontario Traffic Tickets and OTT Legal Services saved my points! I will pass your info on to others in need. Keep up the good work!  Pam Oakville, Ontario

Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much OTT!
You now have a customer for life and I will recommend your company to all my family and friends! Thanks Again,  Anthony De Silva

Speeding Ticket

What’s in a name….well your last name sort of says it all to me.
Just a short note of thanks for the “total Discharge” of the ticket my 19 year old daughter Sarah received. The first (and hopefully last) speeding ticket she received. We received notification last week and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Now…if the “old man” (me) would practice what I preach and slow down a bit maybe we won’t have to make anymore trips to your office…..give’m hell and beat my speeding charge as well.  Job well done by your team of professionals.
Thanks, Mike Long, Ajax, Ont.

Speeding Ticket

This news just completely made my day, I had a feeling there would definitely be a reduction on the ticket but I wasn’t EXPECTING it to be reduced to zero points.
Anyway’s, thank you so much for your great customer service and help. If there is anything I can fill out to say what a great job you/your staff did just tell me where to look and I’d be more than happy.  Thanks again,  Matt, Oshawa, Ontario

Speeding Ticket

I just wanted to write a note to thank you for your assistance with a ticket I received in the fall.  I was overjoyed to learn that the demerit points I would have received disappeared.
Your staff was so professional and personable and I am truly grateful for the time and energy your company spent with my case.
Sincerely,  Marilyn Mason, Toronto

Speeding Ticket

I just wanted to drop a few lines to express my appreciation to OTT who has recently handled a case for me in regards to a speeding ticket and expired registration fine.
Your staff was very professional in dealing with me and was able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. I hope in the future I will not be in the position to have to fight a ticket, but if it happens, I know who to contact.
Thanks for the great work.

Jim Beck, Waterloo Ontario

Turn Not in Safety

I would like to thank you for assisting me with my traffic ticket that I received last year. The court date was in March and I was surprised with I received a letter from you indicating that the ticket was successfully withdrawn.
The accident last year has caused me great distress emotionally and physically. Added to the stress was the charge rendered by the police officer.
I did some research on the internet and found several options. However, I was most impressed with the consultation session provided by you. You have taken the time to listen to the situation and explain the possible outcomes. Needless to say, I made the right decision in choosing Ontario Traffic Tickets and OTT Legal Services to represent me. I would like to extend my gratitude to you and to your organization providing such superior and hospitable service.
Your services are highly recommended!.

Katherine Chang, Toronto

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DWI Charge

Many thanks for the interest and professionalism that you were able to show me with my DWI charge. It was a great relief to be able to sit down with Chris Conway, a former breathalyzer technician and discuss my case. Chris was able to explain each stage of my court case and discuss the pros and cons of my situation. I was very impressed that the consultation was very informed and free.

Subsequently Chris and his team of criminal lawyers represented me at court with great results. I learned from the situation and you won’t see me in this court again, but thanks for your help! P. John Ontario


OTT Legal Services are committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal information from traffic ticket consultations in Toronto and throughout Ontario that are requested through electronic communications as specified in our Ontario Traffic Ticket Privacy Policy. We do not share or give out any personal information to any persons or agencies. Perspective and current clients with traffic tickets or speeding tickets should understand and appreciate the risks associated with the transmitting of personal and or confidential information electronically and the potential for illicit interception.

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