Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets – Fighting Your Speeding Ticket

As former police officers and licensed paralegals OTT Legal has fought thousands of speeding tickets and we can help you.

We have appeared on thousands of speeding ticket trials, saving demerit points and keeping the insurance low for our clients.

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Fighting Your Speeding Ticket

Speeding ticket trials are won on legal technicalities, like testing procedures, filing dates, issues around disclosure, and cross-examining police officers.

“I recently had two speeding tickets fought by OTT Legal, both where dismissed. My insurance would have gone through the roof, not to mention the demerit points. Once again excellent work, and I’ll keep referring your company. Ted B. Toronto, ON.”

We give your case individual attention. In preparing your case for trial we order the officer’s notes, any radar manuals and file any applicable legal arguments at no extra charge.

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Should I Just Pay My Ticket?

How does a speeding ticket affect your insurance rates and demerit points?

Even a minor speeding ticket has more penalties than just the fine.  Speeding tickets can affect your insurance, demerit points and your ability to drive for years to come.

When you have received a speeding ticket call OTT Legal at 1-888-668-8946 to learn about fighting it, phone calls and questions are welcomed and without obligation.

We’ll tell you about your speeding ticket, what the penalties are and how we can fight it for you.  Call OTT Legal at 1-888-668-8946 or visit the office in your area.

Speeding ticket tip: By requesting a court date (not a early resolution or meeting with the prosecutor) you postpone the speeding ticket from appearing on your insurance. If the trial date is past the yearly renewal date, the ticket is kept off the insurance for a year.

Up to Five Different Penalties for Speeding Tickets!

Neither the court or the Police are obligated to tell you all the penalties for your speeding ticket.

  1. Each speeding ticket has a fine: the faster the speed the higher the fine.
  2. All speeding tickets for more than 15km/h over the speed limit have demerit points.
  3. Speeding tickets for more than 50km/h over the speed limit, the prosecutor can ask that your driver’s licence be suspended for at least thirty (30 days).
  4. For G1 and G2 drivers or drivers with a graduated driver’s licences, all speeding tickets with four (4) demerit points have a thirty (30) day licence suspension.
  5. Speeding Tickets can affect your insurance.

A conviction for and speeding ticket stays on the driving record for three (3) years from the date of conviction.

Insurance Implications for Speeding Tickets

The actual cost of a speeding ticket in Ontario can be much more than the fine on the ticket. Insurance companies look at the risk for any insurance policy holder.

Insurance companies believe that if a person has speeding tickets on their driving record then chance of that person being involved in an accident or making a claim is higher than those who don’t.

Subsequently if you receive one or more speeding tickets your insurance may be increased.

Insurance companies are constantly looking at speeding tickets and any traffic ticket as an opportunity to increase the insurance premiums for the driver.

Although there may have been nothing dangerous about the speeding allegation, insurance companies look at all the factors involved for any driver to determine what rate they will charge. Drivers must fight every speeding ticket to ensure that they do everything to keep their driving record clear.

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