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Email: Daniel@OTTLegal.com

Nearest Major Intersection – Westney Road just north of Highway 401

Fighting Traffic Tickets at Whitby Court

OTT Legal Durham Region is a paralegal law office providing legal services in traffic tickets and criminal representation for;

    • Pickering
    • Ajax
    • Whitby
    • Oshawa
    • Bowmanville
    • Port Perry
    • Newcastle

We provide services not only Durham Region but throughout Ontario.

Our Legal Staff

Daniel Jenner

Licenced Paralegal

Cheryl Knapton

Office Administrator

Connor Doherty

Licenced Paralegal

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Traffic Ticket Reviews of OTT Legal

I want everyone to know what OTT Legal did for us and how much we appreciated the time and effort they took to help us with our traffic tickets. When police laid charges following a traffic accident that cost us $7,000 in damages to our van, OTT Legal  made all the difference to us.

They contacted the Crown Attorney to explain why we were not at fault. As a result of OTT getting involved the Crown withdrew the traffic ticket of Left Turn Not in Safety, but our troubles weren’t over. Our insurance company still deemed us to be 50 percent at fault in the accident and said our premiums were going up and our rating was going down.

We asked OTT to approach our insurance company and they jumped at the chance. They supplied the court records of the traffic ticket withdrawal and wrote a letter on our behalf to explain the situation. The insurance company finally relented and concluded our fault was zero percent. OTT stayed the course long after their responsibilities ended and didn’t charge extra for this service. Above and beyond the call of duty! B & S Scott. Ottawa ON

I must say. From the moment you contact them, the service you get has always been great. The personnel is always at their best, being dealing with you on the phone or quick email replies, or dealing with your tickets at court. They have never disappointed me. I would recommend anyone, regardless of the case. They always seem to find a way. Thanks OTT, Fidel Cruz

During last 18 years since I came to Canada, I’ve had 6 traffic tickets. Out of six I handed two tickets to two different agencies, one I fought myself and three I gave to OTT Ajax Ritchie rd. Surprising results, decisions of all those which I handed over to Ajax OTT Ritchie Dd were in my favour and rest I lost all. So I strongly recommend OTT.  Well done and thanks for wining my cases. Muhammad Mujahid

Zabiru Mwingi
19:03 14 Mar 20
OTT Legal Services is the only place to go if needing legal help. Daniel Jenner was honestly supportive, detail-oriented and patient from our very first phone conversation up to the dismissal of the case. He was also very understanding of my financial situation that he suggested payment instalments to help out. I would also like to point out that his communication was excellent. Everyone is busy so there might be delays but he makes sure to respond back to you in a day if not right away. With all that being said I’d recommend Daniel from OTT Legal Services to others for sure as this will be my first and last case. Thank you once again OTT.read more
Yumin Yang
17:05 06 Mar 20
They are definitely a very professional team and they have been super helpful through my case. When I first contacted them, Daniel gave me very specific and professional advice based on my case. Cheryl always replies very quickly and keeps me updated on any new information. On the day of my trial, Darren was super patient and professional. He explained everything to me in details before it started. I was really impressed by how he supported and summarized my testimony with his professional knowledge. I am very happy that all the charges were dismissed at trial and there's no fine or penalty. 5 stars for such an excellent team and thanks for everyone's effort!read more
Christine Swaby
19:48 26 Feb 20
Daniel is extremely professional. They are responsive and will deliver! If they can't, they will let you know. Service fee is also very reasonable. I strongly recommend!read more
Kyle Martiniuk
16:14 12 Feb 20
OTT Legal and specifically Cheryl were extremely easy to deal with and they got me out of my speeding ticket. If I remember correctly, I only had to send off 2 emails through the whole process and they took care of everything else and won my case! I would certainly recommend them to others.read more
Tom Pennington
23:45 27 Jan 20
I received my first, only and last ticket of ever using a handheld device while driving. I never got a chance to explain to the cop at time of offence as he didn't want to hear it. Received a $615.00 fine + 2 points. I knew that if I went to court on my own...the charge would stick. I called OTT Legal and their friendly staff, namely, Cheryl, helped me out immediately. With just a small fee, I had to protect my license after 36 years. I did not have to attend court on the court date if I didn't want to. After about a year wait for the court date..it went to court (I didn't attend), and 8 hours later I got the results... DISMISSED. Way to go David and Cheryl. Thanks so much for protecting my license, and, rest assured, if there is anyone else that I know that comes into a bad situation, I definitely WILL refer them to your firm. My experience speaks for itself. Once again...GREAT WORK..AWESOME TEAM.read more
Aric and Carrie wilson
18:23 21 Jan 20
Absolutely professional and kept me informed from beginning to end. I am extremely grateful for them representing me and getting my demerit points reduced to zero. Would recommended to anyone!read more
Alex B.
20:53 08 Jan 20
I found the service to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. The initial goal of my claim was reached with great success! I will definitely recommend OTT Legal Services in the future.read more
Kevin Haley
22:26 13 Dec 19
I would like to thank Daniel and Cheryl from OTT legal for their professionalism in helping to get my daughters ticket withdrawn. They did a great job and kept us updated throughout the process. We are thrilled with the outcome.read more
jimmy benjamin
23:03 28 Nov 19
I'm very satisfied with the help that OTT Legal supplied me. They were informative , professional and quick with their responses. I left a message and was called the next day. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking legal help. Thank you again for all your hard work!read more
Liviu Mates
18:55 20 Nov 19
Very professional and very knowledgeable! Look no further, this is the team you want on your side to fight for your ticket! In my opinion, if there is any slight chance or tiny little detail that can be used in your favor, OTT Legal will find it and will win the case for you. They did it for me and they will do it for you as well.read more
Syed Zaidi
18:08 10 Nov 19
Highly professional people. Right from the front desk. My traffic ticket has been withdrawn, no points and no fine. Daniel and his team did a fantastic job. I would certainly recommend OTT Legal Services.All the best.read more
Shannon Anderson
16:34 03 Nov 19
Wonderful experience, very patience with sound legal advise. And they won the case on my behalf - highly recommend!
Cindy Kemp
19:19 04 Oct 19
So professional and easy, straight forward to deal with. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Daniel and Cheryl from start to finish.I am beyond words too for the wonderful outcome. You guys are awesome!read more
Mahbub Erfan Ovi
21:34 18 Jul 19
Today OTT legal has withdrawn my careless charge. Before i contact OTT legal i contact some other agencies too but no one can ensure me that my license suspension can be avoided coz my license is G2. Than i contact OTT legal, after talking to Daniel i fell confident. And finally he give me the good news today that my charge is withdrawn.OTT legal is the best.best.best. Thank you so much Daniel Jenner and all the office staff. You guys are really awesome. Respect for you guys.👍 The last thing i want say is they are very professional, friendly, cordial to their clients. I believe on Daniel Jenner and that was the best decision. Thank you again Daniel Jenner.read more
Lucy Duncan
12:42 21 Jun 19
Highly recommend OTT Legal services, they are professional and always got back to me on a timely manner when I had questions, great team!
Muhammad Mujahid
18:23 18 Jun 19
during last 18 years since I came to canada,I had 6 traffic tickets.Out of six I handed two tickets to two different agencies ,One i fought myself and 3 I gave to OTT Ajax Ritchie rd.surprising results.decisions of all those which I handed over to Ajax OTT Ritchie rd were in my favour and rest I lost all.So I strongly recomend OTT ajax .well done and thanks for wining my cases.read more
Angie Landrigan
19:01 06 Jun 19
We have used OTT twice for traffic violations and both times have been extremely pleased with the outcomes of both cases. They did everything from start to finish and communicated throughout the process. I would highly recommend them. Very professional.read more
fidel Cruz
15:57 24 May 19
I must say. From the moment you contact them, the costumer service you get has always been great. The personnel is always at their best, being dealing with you on the phone or quick email replies, or dealing with your tickets at court. They have never disappointed me. I would recommend anyone, regardless of the case. They always seem to find a way. Thanks OTT.read more
fidel Cruz
14:45 24 May 19
I must say. From the moment you contact them, the costumer service you get has always been great. The personnel is always at their best, being dealing you you in the phone or quick email replies, or dealing with your tickets at court. They have never disappointed me. I would recommend anyone, regardless of the case. They always seem to find a way. Thanks OTT.read more
Doug Monett
15:35 12 Apr 19
I don't know how they compare to others in the industry because I'm not used to being in trouble with the Law. But, when I was recently handed a citation for a serious offence (which I didn't commit-BTW), they were amazing help. I didn't always like what I was told to do, but trusted their judgment and was rewarded with a fantastic result. Case dismissed! All charges dropped!read more
Anjana Puvanenthirarajah
15:26 03 Apr 19
Their service was outstanding. They are very understanding and trustworthy to get the job done. From my opinion, if you are looking for a dependable lawyer for your case, you should go to OTT Legal Services.read more
Andrea Thampa
16:05 21 Mar 19
I'm so glad I went with OTT for my trial and pleased/happy that my charge was dismissed at trail. I highly recommend OTT service at Ajax location and thank you so much Paul for your assistance in this matter.read more
Y Dubs
19:12 15 Feb 19
Best law service provider ever, they've gotten me out of tight spots twice over the years. I would highly recommend this dependable and trustworthy firm to anyone! Thank you OTT legal services for everything.read more
Yathuzhan B
20:58 23 Dec 18
Firstly, thank you to this OTT Legal office for their amazing work in dealing with my case!Just over a year ago I was charged with a "Careless Driving" offence, $500 fine and 6 demerit points. I was recently acquitted of the charge thanks to Leonard Smart and team. YES, the ticket was thrown out! It's as if it never happened! Now I don't have to worry about any "stains" on my driving record/a rise in my insurance premium anymore. THANK YOU!I would definitely recommend anyone to use the services out of this office, you will definitely come out feeling like a champ.read more
M Selwanes
21:58 03 Jun 18
Leonard Smart and his office staff are very friendly and competent people.I had a speeding ticket with 4 demerit points. Thanks to the service of Mr. Smart and his OTT staff at the Ajax office, now I have zero demerit point. A small fine but zero demerit point. Great service. Great people. Don't look anywhere else if you need to fight your speeding ticketread more
John T
17:22 20 Mar 18
Had a minor speeding ticket in Whitby that I strongly disagreed with . I had someone from a firm in the Toronto area counsel me through the steps of filing for court, requesting for, and then reviewing my disclosure. The representative from this Toronto firm was not really interested in representing me in Whitby Court. I received my disclosure with only a little more than two weeks before my trial date. Upon reviewing my disclosure and reviewing with the rep from the Toronto area I was not too optimistic, but still not willing to throw in the towel. I then stumbled upon OTT and Len Smart online. With only about a week and a half or so before my trial they agreed to take it on and represent me in Whitby. They were successful in getting my case withdrawn, and I can not be more thankful and happy with the service I received from Len and Cheryl at OTT.read more
Shelley Collins
18:59 09 Mar 18
I retained Ott Legal Services to fight a speeding ticket which I likely deserved, however it was my first offence and there was a point deduction associated with it. I was more than pleased with the professionalism and efficiency shown to me; and in the end successful in having the fine significantly reduced with zero deduction in merit points. I would highly recommend.read more
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